Saturday, May 3

roo >> 3 months & 13 weeks

we can't believe it was just 3 months ago that this little bundle came & rocked our world. and while our mild-mannered baby girl has now revealed a drama llama side to her personality, she's still a keeper!

also, a big shout out of thanks goes to aunt nessa for helping with this photo shoot. it was the only way roo would look in my general direction at all!

[april 30, 2014 -- 3 MONTHS]

- 12.5 pounds
- 24 inches

- reaching, grabbing, & holding toys [or anything within reach]
- scooting around when laying on back
- holding head up when sitting or on tummy
- laughed responsively for the 1st time on easter at aunt rachel!
- sleeps 10-12 hours per night [!!!]
- recognizes faces & voices

- stoplights & stop signs [we're talking 0-60 drama in 3 seconds flat!]
- being left alone
- deep male voices over intercoms/speakers

- riding in the car, as long as it's moving
- blowing bubbles
- "talking" to her toys
- mommy singing & dancing for her

- her polka-dotted crinkle taggie that shaun named "pokey" is seriously her best friend [pictured above]
- daddy [she has a look of awe reserved for him alone!]
- the song "colors of the wind"

[may 1, 2014 -- 13 weeks]

roo is sporting the felt bow headband made by her uber-talented aunt nessa! coral is a major staple in her bitty wardrobe, so this will get lots of use.


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