Friday, April 25

roo >> 12 weeks

we had a fantastic easter visit from grammy & poppy massey, & we almost saw her grow while they were here! one day she had almost a buddha belly & the next she was so stretch out that her diaper was easier to snap! her daily formula intake is also increasing exponentially. growth spurt much?

[april 24, 2014 -- 12 weeks]


Monday, April 21

easter fancy

we enjoyed our first easter with roo. we have a sweet friend, emily, who has given us several of her daughter's baby dresses, & i knew one of them was just perfect for easter. then, our friend katy told me that it was tradition for her growing up that they always got a new white bonnet or hat for easter. well, i immediately had to hunt down a bonnet then! i found a sweet eyelet lace one that coordinated with her hand-me-down dress perfectly. as much as i still love coming up with fun outfits & accessory combos for myself, dressing elaina is even more fun!

[my sweet bunny in her first easter dress!]

[poppy entertaining roo before the nursery volunteers arrive for bible class]

after church we had a big family easter feast -- brisket, smashed potatoes, green bean bundles, creamed corn, deviled eggs, cornbread & rolls, & pound cake with berries & fresh whipped cream for dessert! jeffrey, rachel, & paige joined us, as did emily & adalynn, so it was a wonderful full table with two sweet toddlers & a cute baby, too. so much good conversation & laughter!

but before we could eat, we had to have a photo shoot.

[i'm in love with this sweet laugh!]

[my favorite picture of elaina lately!]

[the casteel three]

[grammy & poppy with their first grandbaby]

[adalynn & paige entertaining grammy elaine & rachel]

 i wish i had more pictures from the afternoon with these hilarious girls! they were so much fun. i taught adalynn what pirates & damsels in distress say ["arrrrgh" -- said gruffly & "oh NO!" -- said in a high pitch voice]. paige showed us her belly on request & had us in stitches. and if that weren't enough preciousness for one day, elaina giggled for the first time [while awake] at her aunt rachel's jokes. i mean, she cackled & squealed!

it was a perfect day.


Friday, April 18

roo >> 11 weeks

our latest headband purchase -- sweet polka dots! this girl is finally getting a little chunky belly that pooks over her diaper. you can tell a little in this picture. and we had to jump up to the size 3-6 month onesie this week instead of waiting till next week. growing girl!

[april 17, 2014 -- 11 weeks]


Friday, April 11

roo >> 10 weeks

look at that precious cheesy smile! and the delicious toes! the 0-3 month onesies are getting tight, but i'm hoping to hold out till 12 weeks to put her in the 3-6 months ones. it's still pretty cold here, so the long sleeves are better representative.

[april 10, 2014 -- 10 weeks]


Saturday, April 5

roo >> march photo dump

i did finally get a new phone this month, so the quality of our everyday pictures has dramatically increased!

[what makes waking up before 6am better? staring at cute piggies]

[finally big enough to hang out in the bouncer alot]

[me & roo ready & matching for her first sunday at church]

[a friend snapped this shot of elaina & caleb's baby dedication at our church]

[the only person who got to hold elaina that first sunday -- mr. sam!]

[cousins paige & elaina at el rodeo for lunch after church]

[she often sleeps in this precious position]

[first day at work with mommy, clearly working hard]

[went to ash wednesday mass]

[she loves baths & usually wears her "thinking" face]

[does it get any cuter than a baby wrapped in a fox hooded towel?]

[one of my favorite outfits of hers, picked out by auntie ness]

[the rest of the outfit]

[going for our first walk outside & taking the stroller for its first drive]

[classic roo whistle/kissing lips]

[her first pair of tennis shoes -- look at those skinny legs!]

[nap time with daddy]

[sleeping beauty on her boppy]

[how she sleeps in her crib, even still]

[having our quiet time together]

[meeting her big sister darbie over spring break!]

[trying on her new sunhat for the spring & summer]

[watching the duke game with mommy in the onesie from the cochran trio]

[i love how she places her hands on her face when she takes naps in my arms]

[aunt abby came for a surprise visit!]

[the first time i captured her smile on camera]

[helping aunt rachel answer phones at work]

[all dudded up to go visit daddy's office at purdue]

[smiles & giggles sunday morning before church]

[morning nap in mommy & daddy's bed with zorra -- daily routine]


Friday, April 4

roo >> 9 weeks & 2 months

elaina roo is getting bigger fast! she's finally reached double digits on weight & is learning new things every day. it's my favorite thing -- watching her discover.

[march 30, 2014 -- 2 MONTHS]

- 10 pounds 9 ounces
- 23.25 inches
- outgrew newborn clothes

- smiling responsively to our smiles
- sleeping through the night [woot woot!]
- putting herself to sleep when laid down awake [by far the best skill ever]

- having her bib put on
- having her hair brushed

- to eat! [& very vocal about it]
- jibber jabbering
- baths

- plastic "wire" ball [pictured above]
- polka-dotted crinkle taggie

[april 3, 2014 -- 9 weeks]