Monday, March 3

roo >> february photo dump

as first-time parents of a newborn, we of course take a bazillion pictures. i'll try to do a "photo dump" once a month of the highlights. if the quality isn't great, it's probably from my iphone. i'm looking into getting a newer one since i take so many pictures & videos of roo with it. enjoy!

[classic roo "rollercoaster" sleeping pose]

[look at those long skinny legs! tie dye onesie made by mommy]

[the one outfit i couldn't resist buying for her]

[tummy time with daddy & zorra]

[likes to fold her hands when eating]

[madi came to visit for her 16th birthday!]

[wiggled out of her gown during the night]


[daddy loves his girl]

[nap time on the couch next to mommy, burp cloth made by madi]

[sporting the tie dye onesie aunt bonnie did at camp]

[kissing the giraffe that emily made for her]

[ready for 80s jazzercise! onesie tie dyed by aunt nessa]

[visit from the pitt clan, spencer asked to hold her twice]

[snuggles with mommy, attempted illinois tie dye onesie by mommy]

[meeting taylor for the first time]

[sweet stares with audrey]

[feels completely safe & sleepy in daddy's arms]

[can't see it well, but wearing the green & yellow onesie that daddy tie dyed]

[sporting gap pjs, courtesy of fashionista ms. gina]

[valentine's outfit from grammy]

[classic roo puckered lips -- blowing kisses or whistling?]

[definition of cute! outfit from ms. teresa]

[one of daddy's favorite outfits, from ms. temple oops! correction: from ms. mary ellen]

[playing on the floor with my new gym & linkadoo toys]

[grabbed a toy for the first time]

[first time sitting up in the boppy]

[kisses from mommy]

[snuggling with daddy]

[tummy time!]

[my sweet girl]



carmelchristine said...

Elaina is a beautiful, sweet little baby girl! Love all the pics ~ esp. the "80s jazzercise" one! Many blessings!

~ Carmel

Elaine said...

She is so sweet!!! Love getting some shots we didn't have.