Tuesday, March 11

illinois trip to see casteel clan

we went for our first road trip with the baby, & it was good. elaina traveled like a champ, & zorra loved  getting to ride up front with daddy. here are the pictorial highlights with some commentary as needed.

[zorra loving life on the drive to illinois!]

after a quick "hello" to grandma & grandpa casteel at the farm, we drove into decatur to see great-grandma pat. she's recovering from a stroke, & she didn't have her hair done, so all we'll post is this sweet picture of her arms around roo.

[elaina held by her great-grandma pat]

[hanging out with grandpa rick at the farm before bed]

we went into town on saturday, march 9th to visit with grandma casteel & to celebrate her & shaun's birthday. they both share march 9th! elaina's middle name is ruenell after her great-grandma.

[meeting her namesake, ruenell casteel, for the first time]

[getting love from aunt carolyn]

[meeting her youngest first cousins, haley & emily]

haley has been chomping at the bit to meet & see elaina. she was so worried that elaina wouldn't be a baby anymore before she saw her! i would email them pictures regularly so haley would see that she was still little, & haley & emily both would kiss elaina's face on the screen!

[hanging with cousin emily]

looking back at pictures of emily as a baby, roo really favors her. emily was so sweet & gentle with her!

[grandpa rick tuckered out after playtime with the girls]

[cuddles with aunt nancy]

[bonding time with aunt nina]

[looking at her pretty great-grandma ruenell]

[clearly feels comfortable with "uncle" leif -- that's how she sleeps with daddy!]

sadly, the whole family didn't get to be with us. her "aunt" elise is finishing her pharmD program & was stacked up with work. uncle ed, aunt tonya, & cousins lauren & jonathan stayed home with colds so they didn't pass any germs along to roo & grandma.

[getting kisses from emily]

[can't forget to get some love from aunt carrie]

[one of my favorite pictures of the day -- being doted on by uncle jason]

[how many gals does it take to change a diaper?]

[this is a special picture for us.]

[grandma connie feeding the pity baby]

[great shot with grandma & grandpa casteel -- so much love]


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