Sunday, March 23

dressed in my sunday best

elaina wore her first dress today to church, pink & frilly & sparkly, courtesy of aunt jan! she also debuted her first pair of shoes to be worn in public. shaun groaned when he saw her this morning. he was also miffed by how her shoes "shed" on his black pants while held her during worship. she kicked them off frequently, but i think several times she had help from daddy. 

she's thrilled...

is there anything more precious than a man & his girl?

look at those skinny legs!

first smile i've ever been able to capture on camera

in response to her girliness this morning, for daddy's sake, she's now wearing a blue & orange tie-dyed onesie w/ navy pants. no matching headband despite her having a navy one in her closet. i suggested it, & shaun's reply was, "in my own house?!"

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Elaine said...

It is okay to be girly every once in a while!!