Thursday, February 6

january daily photos

one of my goals this year is to take a photograph every day. it's part of my effort to "flow" in 2014 -- go with the flow, focus on one thing at a time, be interruptible, look for God in the mundane. here is a digest of all my photos from the month of january. i'm not a photographer, & i didn't do any touching up or editing of any kind, so forgive the amateur quality!

[january 1]

my goals notebook. i make 12 goals every year. i write them down, plan "next step" actions, & review this book at the end of every week. i started doing the 12 goals per year in 2006, but i only started keeping a goals notebook last year, & it's made all the difference.

[january 2]

i've lost count of how many inches of snow we've seen so far this winter, & it doesn't look like it's gonna end any time soon. and even though i'm ready for spring, i have to admit, this is beautiful. this is the crabapple tree in our backyard. it's my favorite tree in all of lafayette. unfortunately, we lost a limb due to the snow. hoping it doesn't hurt the tree too badly & it still looks nice come spring...

[january 3]

his & hers house shoes. i buy myself a new pair of knit boots every winter. i had recently told shaun that when i was a teenager, i used to leaf through land's end & l.l. bean catalogues dreaming of a husband & kids in matching pajamas & robes & house shoes... seriously. i said obviously that wasn't going to come true since shaun only ever wears his ancient, squeaky adidas sandals. he said that's all he wears because that's all he has. so for Xmas i bought him house shoes! he is wearing them here to humor me. :) he says they're too hot. like i said, not going to come true.

[january 4]

our church threw us a baby shower, & here's a glimpse of all the "loot"! we are so incredibly blessed by our elmwood family. this kiddo is being born into a huge, loving, & fun extended family.

[january 5]

shaun & zorra love going sledding down the hill on the side of our property. well, shaun sleds, & zorra runs along beside him. he tries to pull her up on the saucer with him, & sometimes he succeeds. she hates sledding, but she loves snow & she loooooves her daddy!

[january 6]

shaun was stretching, & zorra dropped her tire toy on his chest. i think she wants to play.

[january 7]

one month until baby roo's due date, & the hospital bags are packed! o.c. much?

[january 8]

i'm knitting leg warmers & mittens for baby roo with this red yard. it's sitting on top of my turquoise all-things-baby journal & next to the kraft box with baby's thank you notes stored inside. i realized these are the colors of the nursery -- tan, red, & turquoise. 

[january 9]

i love a nicely made bed. this is our "winter look" -- includes down duvet & fur throw [actually my gramma's mink stole]. and year-round, our bed comes accessorized with two sweet kittens!

[january 10]

we went out with my co-workers & their spouses to indianapolis for a group date rather than having a traditional office Xmas party. we ate at p.f. chang's then had ice cream at maggie moo's. we had reservations but still ended up waiting over half an hour for our table, so they gave us free appetizers & dessert. this end of the table isn't holding back from digging in!

[january 11]

we put together the crib for the nursery. there's a crib in my house... we're having a baby... 
time to panic...

[january 12]

the baby's closet with all her clothes hung in a row. i love the cute orange & turquoise closet dividers i bought on etsy. and that coral onesie in front is the one outfit i couldn't resist buying.

[january 13]

i got my new necklace in the mail. it has a piece of dictionary captured in it, displaying the word "flow" & its definition. flow is my 2014 one word. it reminds me to take it one day at a time.

[january 14]

my new office door! i sometimes meet with people in here, & our policy at church is that we only meet with the opposite sex in rooms that have glass doors. i've been waiting for this to get installed for at least a year! so thankful it is done now.

[january 15]

zorra's favorite place in the world -- laying on top of her daddy.

[january 16]

the iphone collection.

[january 17]

my ssmt [siesta scripture memory team] girls went to houston without me... i suppose the baby is worth it. :)  this is my scripture spiral with all my memory verses. wish i could have been there for the celebration, but it was a worthwhile effort regardless.

[january 18]

i have lots of art projects planned for the nursery, & this is the one i'm most excited about. i finally got around to spending some time at my easel, & it was wonderful. this will eventually be an owl.

[january 19]

zorra's second favorite place to be -- on shaun's couch when he's not there.

[january 20]

my inspiration chalkboard at my prayer desk. this is a quote from beth moore's book believing God. it's a much-needed reminder for me this year. 

[january 21]

we set up the play pen in the den. it's getting real, people!

[january 22]

so that whole nesting thing is for real. i had the uncontrollable urge to unpack my entire hospital bag, wash everything in it, & repack it. granted, my peppermint oil had spilled, so everything smelled like peppermint. i kept trying to ignore it, but i finally accepted that this would drive me crazy, & i don't need any outside help to drive me crazy at the time of labor & delivery!

[january 23]

the variety of fabric i picked out to make a simple scrappy quilt for baby roo to use as a floor blanket.

[january 24]

almond oil & eucalyptus oil. these combined are powerful for massage -- help decongest sinuses & calm you when stressed. these are part of my labor arsenal.

[january 25]

these are twigs from our backyard that shaun found for me, & i turned them into arrows with some felt i had in the basement. i l.o.v.e. them! they will go in a mason jar in the nursery. 

[january 26]

my journal -- i'm trying to be more consistent in writing this year.

[january 27]

i found this box of paper beads my mom made a couple summers back with vanessa & i were making/selling fish bracelets for "give a goat" in the philippines. i used them in the ceiling mobile for roo's nursery & to make curtain tie-backs for the windows.

[january 28]

a doily dreamcatcher -- my mom crocheted the doily, & i used it to make a dreamcatcher for roo's room. i love how it's neutral but far from boring. it's one of my favorite nursery projects!

[january 29]

we spent the evening finishing up the nursery -- hanging curtains & art, cleaning. zorra spent the evening tearing apart her larry & leaving his "guts" all over the floor, giving us more to clean!

[january 30]

love at first sight. this is elaina ruenell, our sweet girl, & this is the first time she opened her eyes to see me. it's one of my most favorite moments.

[january 31]

here's roo without oxygen tubes! what a perfect way to end the month -- a new addition to our family & progress towards her getting to go home with us soon!


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