Friday, December 20

pregnancy cravings

lots of people ask me about my cravings -- do i have any weird ones? any aversions? and i usually disappoint them with my answer. my major craving has been for salty food, & my major aversion has been to sweets. that's pretty much it.

thankfully, third trimester brought the return of my sweet tooth in time for the holidays, but i still don't overindulge like i used to. i have a limit on how many sweets i can eat now, & i still crave salty as much or more.

for the first half of pregnancy, i didn't eat much meat. it didn't make me sick or nauseous, but i just didn't want it usually. not very notable or story-worthy.

i did have two "weird cravings" in my first trimester or so -- kraft singles on nilla wafers & ramen noodles. to me, these things aren't weird, but others cringe when i share it. the kraft singles on nilla wafers dates back to my high school days at science & math [where i went my junior & senior year]. my mom never let us have fake cheese at home, so i was determined that my first fridge would always be filled with kraft singles. somehow i discovered the perfection of adding them to nilla wafers, & it became a regular pre-curfew snack in the common room watching jerry springer with the other girls on my hall. [don't judge, we only had 2 or 3 channels.]

ramen noodles are something i never bought until recently, but whenever anyone was sick on our hall back at science & math, someone was ready with ramen noodles to help them feel better. it was the closest thing we had to chicken soup on hall, i guess. i was the blessed recipient of this warm brothy meal when i was sick a couple of times, & it now represents a strange sort of comfort food to me. plus, it's super salty!

so no majorly weird cravings or combinations for me. that is, until yesterday. i went to the grocery store on my weekly errand run, & i was hungry. usually, i'm a stickler about my grocery list -- if it's not on the list, we don't get it. i rarely indulge in cravings-of-the-moment, even when i go to the store hungry. but yesterday was a different story.

fortunately, i did buy all the items on the list, because shaun's first reaction when he saw all the weird stuff i bought was asking whether i remembered milk! there were also lots of things i didn't buy that i wanted to eat right then. so at least i exerted some self-restraint...

i've been craving spaghetti-o's lately. i've been smart enough not to buy them so far, but i faltered yesterday. and that's lunch for today.

a couple days ago, i saw a recipe for homemade pimiento cheese that sounded really good, & i wanted to make it, but i didn't have pimientos [unless you count the ones in my huge jar of green olives in the fridge]. walking down the condiment aisle yesterday, i happened to see them. i walked past them. then, i went back for them. enough for two batches. [i wanted to be able to share with dad when they come for new year's!]

jell-o was on sale. i don't have a clue why that sounded good, but it did. i bought two packs. the black cherry jell-o cup i had last night was delish!

i love Xmas tree cakes. my sister & i can go through multiple boxes of them together. i've already gone through two boxes this month. i saw them on the shelf upon entering the store yesterday & couldn't resist. the box was open & minus a cake by the time i got home.

i have been craving cocktail weenies all week. you know, the ones made with grape jelly & chili sauce? yum. i bought four packs of weenies, jelly, & chili sauce to make two batches.

also, cheeseballs sounded really good to me. i have two favorite recipes. one is made with super sharp white cabot cheddar [i'm salivating now], & the other is the one with buddig's beef mixed in it. i bought enough ingredients to make two of each.

i also bought four boxes of crackers for the cheeseballs.

shaun just laughed as i unloaded the bags last night. he said what he found most humorous is not just that i bought all this stuff, but that i bought enough for two of everything!

and now that i'm sufficiently hungry & drooling, i'm headed to the kitchen to make cheeseballs, cocktail weenies, & Xmas cookies & candies. and i'll need a snack of jell-o & Xmas tree cakes while i work.


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Elaine said...

I don't even know what to say!! Kraft singles and nilla wafers!?!Even your dad thought that was an odd combination.