Monday, December 9

casa project list -- december update

we busted our tails this past week & weekend to get the casa ready for shaun's annual department chili cook-off. we have hosted it every year since we moved to lafayette, making this one our 5th. we love when the casa is packed with people enjoying good food & good conversation! one major point to note: it's the first time in the history of us living in this casa that BOTH the living room & office have been clean, presentable, & useful at the same time!!! *high fives* all around!

looking back at the project list that i shared last month, i realized we've accomplished alot in that time! [and by we, as always, i mostly mean shaun.] so here's an updated list for you:

1. finish replacing the main bathroom sink  [see the big reveal]
2. finish demolition on the master bathroom
3. figure out plumbing needs to replace toilets -- he's been working on this today!
4. replace kitchen sink & fixtures [see it in all it's glory]
5. paint dresser for nursery -- he's moved it upstairs onto a piece of cardboard
6. paint nursery walls [see how it looks so far]
7. install diaper sprayer in bathroom
8. clear a place for my car in the garage
9. assemble any baby stuff [ex: crib]
10. anything else i can come up with between now & february!

currently, his priorities are the toilets & figuring out what options we have for replacing them, especially the one in the main bathroom, & then painting the nursery dresser. the diaper sprayer is contingent on replacing the toilet. the demolition to the master bath is not as highly prioritized now that he's done enough to figure out the toilet situation. we don't have anything needing assembly yet, & while i want the garage cleared yesterday, as long as it's done before baby roo arrives, no big deal.

as for me, i'm still taking "baby steps" & trying to do a little bit every day. 

this past weekend wiped me out as we sprinted to get the living room cleared for the chili cook-off but without just throwing everything back into the office willy-nilly. a month ago or so, shaun cleared the office [which was an epic disaster, catastrophic even], & he sorted everything on tables & chairs in the living room for me to go through, organize, & return to the office. we completed about 75-80% of this last week & on saturday. the rest was moved to the basement in boxes to be gone through later. at least a basement is meant for storage like that! i have a few more things i'd like to finish in the office, then i'll post pics for you.

as for now, my "little by little" list looks like this [bold items are today, the others are "next steps":

- clear the top of the dog crate [currently has Xmas decor boxes on top]
- hang 4th curtain over sliding glass doors
- add hooks to "hall tree"
- hang up coats, etc. on hall tree
- organize cubbies in behind-the-couch console table
- repot all cacti

- put away random items left out from chili cook-off
- organize food cabinet
- organize freezer
- straighten pantry
- organize medicine/health cabinet
- declutter cookbooks & organize recipes
- organize bottom cabinet in baking hutch
- organize paper products cabinet

- sort/organize my bible class materials [currently in 4 boxes under the office work table]
- go through my box of papers
- file old bills
- frame & hang photos
- go through remaining boxes in the basement [3 of them, one at a time]
- hang hooks for our work totes

- straighten one cabinet
- straighten a second cabinet
- buy more china storage & straighten the third cabinet
- reorganize & restyle bookshelves

- seal floor grout
- add laminate tile to bottom of vanity cabinet
- organize first aid kit drawer
- wash tile walls
- paint window trim & mullions [white]

- paint dowel rod brackets to match the walls [we hang a dowel rod in the office entry, which is connected to the foyer, for when we have lots of guests with coats b/c our coat closet is tiny.]
- straighten coat closet

- fold a load of clothes [i am determined to catch up on ALL our laundry this week!]
- fold another load of clothes
- fold yet another load of clothes!
- clear coffeehouse table
- organize coffeehouse shelf
- organize game closet

- clear the top of the dryer
- decant all laundry cleaners into clear, labeled containers
- clear laundry sorting shelf
- label hampers
- clear sink counter
- clean sink & counter
- clear out drawers & cabinets in sink counter
- clear out corner [stuff leftover from previous owners mostly]

- declutter
- go through boxes on the floor [lots of them, one at a time]
- organize shelves [5 of them, one at a time]
- clear floor of all items
- label all boxes

- clear the top of the trunk [still the same as my last list...]
- clear the top of my dresser
- organize my dresser
- organize my vanity
- organize my accessories closet
- hang pictures


- clear out all nursery items!
- hang mantle with hooks
- hang art
- make beds
- organize guest items in cubbies
- organize closet with suitcases & travel items
- clean out second closet for guest use

- paint red accent on one wall
- deep clean & polish wood floors
- organize dresser [after it's painted]
- add shelf to closet
- hang window shades
- hang curtains
- organize cubbies
- organize closet
- hang art

- clear counter
- organize cabinets [2 of them, 1 at a time]
- clean bathtub
- wash tile walls
- organize medicine cabinets [2 of them, 1 at a time]
- organize linen closet shelves [3 of them, 1 at a time]

- hang hooks for our outdoor gear [hats, coats, etc.]
- take decluttered items to goodwill

the main floor of the casa is much cleaner in general now, so fewer of my tasks are "clearing" stuff & moving more towards organization. i'm still not nesting per se, but i am more motivated than i have been so far. shaun says he'll take whatever he can get! [he is TOTALLY nesting!]

be looking forward to posts on the finished nursery dresser, more nursery progress, & the newly organized office!


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Elaine said...

Congrats on getting the office cleaned up!! I am looking forward to seeing the new and improved office when we come after xmas and all the other changes you have made!!!!