Sunday, November 24

preview: maternity photo shoot

we had our maternity photo shoot today courtesy of my sister, rachel ravellette! she did a wonderful job despite her self-admittance of not being a professional photographer. [we often joke about how since we both have fancy cameras now, we should obviously open up photography businesses, right? no. we love photography, & i think we are good at recognizing good photography, but that  plus owning nice cameras doesn't make us pros!] 

i had really debated about whether to do a maternity shoot or not, & i realized the reason i didn't want to do one was because it felt too complicated -- finding a photographer, setting an appointment, finding a scenic place to take pictures, etc... so, thankfully, rachel agreed to a rather impromptu shoot at the casa on the first sunny day that came, which happened to be today. [bless her heart, she had been awake since 3:30 a.m. this morning & still took part of her afternoon in the freeeeeeeezing cold to take our pictures!]

it will take me a day or two to go through all the pics & get them up here on the blog, but for now, here's a [completely unedited] preview for fun:

[caption: we finally told zorra we're having a baby!]


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Elaine said...

love it!! so zorra!!