Tuesday, November 5

our casa project list

shaun has been working super hard on some major casa projects. he's cleared the office so we can clean, rearrange, & reorganize it. he's painted the buffet in the living/dining room. he's painted nearly every surface in the main bathroom & is in the middle of replacing the sink. his current project list for before baby is:

1. finish replacing the main bathroom sink
2. finish demolition on the master bathroom
3. figure out plumbing needs to replace toilets
4. replace kitchen sink & fixtures
5. paint dresser for nursery
6. paint nursery walls
7. install diaper sprayer in bathroom
8. clear a place for my car in the garage
9. assemble any baby stuff [ex: crib]
10. anything else i can come up with between now & february!

i, on the other hand, have done very little thus far... and while i have "growing a human" as a legit excuse, there is too much to get done to continue this level of unproductivity around the casa. so, my new plan is to spend 45-60 minutes each day working on casa projects in 5 minute chunks per room. "little by little" is my motto! for example, my list for tomorrow is:

DEN: clear ottomans [of accumulated stuff]
KITCHEN: put away trunk or treat stuff
OFFICE: clear the top of the printer cabinet
LIVING ROOM: take down harry potter mantle decor
MAIN BATHROOM: put away tools & supplies on the floor
FOYER: clear console table
BASEMENT: fold a load of clothes
LAUNDRY ROOM: clear clothes off drying rack
MASTER BEDROOM: clear top of the trunk

as you can see, most of my projects are "clearing" stuff right now. ultimately, my job is to get the casa clean, organized, & decluttered, but i realize i'm going to have to do it in baby steps [or not at all]. i don't cover every room every day because i want to keep my tasks to a manageable 45-60 minutes. on days i have more energy, great. but most days, mustering energy for even this small amount of time, even with breaks, is enough.

we'll keep the blog updated with our progress, mostly shaun's!


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