Friday, November 29

feature friday: THE MAIN BATHROOM

you could also call this post "if you give a man a project..." which is our version of "if you give a mouse a cookie..." -- you'll see why in a bit.

i mentioned to shaun this summer that i decided what to do with my servingware collection -- store it in the main floor bathroom closet. we've had a plethora of dishes scattered throughout the living room, mostly stacked randomly & weirdly on our bookshelves. i thought i was pretty clever coming up with this solution. after all, we don't really need a linen closet on the main floor, & since we've moved in, it's mostly just stored random junk that really belongs elsewhere. shaun was kind enough to remind me that he made this suggestion a couple years ago, & i vetoed it...

so in september, shaun decided to use our labor day weekend to get some projects done around the casa. he cleaned out the random stuff from the bathroom closet & told me it was ready for me to organize with dishes! to which i replied that the closet was gross & needed to be painted. shaun was less than thrilled at this news. however, he sweetly indulged me & asked what color. i already knew i wanted it to be gray, & we happen to have a 5-gallon bucket of gray paint leftover from previous owners.

[the beginning of the painting project]

[see all the gross stains?]

well, after he painted the closet walls & shelves, he realized the warm wood trim & doors didn't match well... so he asked me what i wanted those painted. i knew i wanted the closet door to be gray, & shaun chose the same creamy white from the living room buffet for the trim. 

[bathroom closet door: BEFORE]

[bathroom closet door: AFTER]

the gray & white complement the sea foam green tile so much better! since a full renovation of this bathroom is years, if not decades, down the road, we decided it was time to embrace the sea foam green & figure out a pleasing design plan that incorporated it.

well, once shaun painted the closet door, he couldn't leave the outer bathroom door in the same warm wood tone... so he asked me what i wanted it painted. we painted the inside [facing the bathroom when closed] the same gray as the bathroom closet door, but from the outside, you see it up against the warm wood paneling, so gray wouldn't go well. shaun found some old sage green paint from our kitchen back in raleigh that matches the sea foam green tile almost perfectly. it looks a little grayer next to the wood paneling, but it's not bad.

well, once shaun painted the doors, he didn't want to reinstall the brassy door knobs & hinges... so he spray painted them all oil-rubbed bronze. 

[sage green on the outer side of the bathroom door]

[view from the hallway]

[view from inside the bathroom]

as you can see in the above picture, once shaun painted the doors, he decided he couldn't leave the vanity as is...

[vanity: BEFORE]

i knew i wanted the vanity painted gray, too, so he went to town on it. thankfully, all the painting in the bathroom cost us $0 because we used all paint colors we already had for other projects. however, i wanted to replace all the hardware, so i made up for free paint in buying really nice oil-rubbed bronze handles & knobs!

[the sink & counter: BEFORE]

the original owners believed in taking a color palette ALL. THE. WAY. sea foam green tile practically floor to ceiling, sea foam sink, & sea foam toilet [pictured later]. well, once shaun replaced all the hardware & knobs with oil-rubbed bronze, the only thing left that wasn't o.r.b. was the sink faucet... so, he decided to switch it out. we actually bought a o.r.b. replacement a couple years ago on clearance, & it's been living in the cabinet beneath the sink! 

well, if he was going to replace the faucet, he figured he might as well replace the sink, too...

[vanity: PROGRESS]

since our house is 50 years old, nothing in it is compatible with standard sizes today. the old sink is an 18" round. standard nowadays is 19"... so, shaun bought a diamond-encrusted jigsaw blade & made the hole in the marble countertop bigger.

[countertop: PROGRESS]

we debated about whether to buy a white sink or a creamy white one... so, shaun finally just bought both & we tried them out.

[almond sink]

[white sink]

it didn't take much time to decide that the white sink looked best overall. however, it made the marble countertop look really yellow & dingy. it's obviously not been resealed in years & has telltale stains as a result. 

[white sink & dingy countertop]

[with the o.r.b. faucet]

well, once we saw the awful state of the countertop enhanced by the white sink... shaun researched how to restore marble. we spent a week "bleaching" it with a hydrogen peroxide / ammonia mix with a paper towel / saran wrap method to give it time to sink in. we weren't sure if it would make any difference, but the change was dramatic!

[the bathroom vanity: AFTER]

[sink & counter: AFTER]

we are beyond thrilled with how it turned out! it may have taken 2.5 months to complete, but it was so worth it.

there's still work to be done on this more immediate phase of bathroom renovation. the toilet still needs to be replaced. you can hear about the saga that will be here & why it's on our before-baby to do list.

[the sea foam green toilet]

and the shower need to be fixed. the door fell off a couple years ago, & it leaks into the basement. we don't think the leak will be too bad to fix, but we just haven't had any reason to prioritize it. we plan to hang a bar & curtain in lieu of replacing the door. and i'm not sure how to bleach the terrazine shower floor...

[shower with bella laying it it. why? no clue.]

and here's the project that started it all! the organized closet with all my serving dishes! 

[bathroom closet: AFTER]

if you give a mouse a cookie...

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