Thursday, November 28

everything AND the kitchen sink!

shaun has been ridiculously busy doing a myriad of casa projects -- everything but the kitchen sink. except, he's also done the kitchen sink...

we moved in to the casa with a great kitchen. it already had all its appliances & new ones [about 3 years old] to boot! it's big enough for all the massey cooks [five of us now with shaun & jeremy!] to be cooking thanksgiving dishes at the same time. other than it being dark due to the floor-to-ceiling paneling & cabinets plus only having one window, i love this room.

however, there are a few things we'd love to change over time:

- the stainless steel sink & especially the faucet -- we'd love a taller faucet for getting tall pots & pitchers filled with water easier, plus the sprayer leaks despite shaun patching it multiple times.

- the tile counter & backsplash -- we love that we can set hot things directly onto the counter
& that in a pinch we can cut directly onto if we have to, but we aren't fans of the tile, especially because the grout is light colored. we'd prefer to have a solid surface counter that has the same characteristics with hot items & knives. and i'd like to inject some color into the kitchen via a different tile backsplash.

- the teeny ovens -- i mean, the teeny oven, singular, because actually the bottom one is just a broiler. the outside width of our oven unit is less than 24" so you can imagine they don't hold much... we'd like to install a full-size oven in a future island.

- the island -- speaking of which, we currently have a kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen for an extra workspace & functional layout, but we'd love to add a built-in island with extra cabinets & a place for trashcans, plus a full-size oven & our stove top.

- the stove top -- we have an amazing 5-burner professional-grade gas stove top next to our ovens. i L.O.V.E. it. but there is virtually no counter around it [approximately 2 feet on the right side & none on the left], & i'd like it to be in a more central location for when people are hanging out in the kitchen while i'm cooking.

- the lighting [electrical] -- we have one light fixture in the middle of the ceiling, & it does not light the whole room at all. we bought a fixture that has three strong l.e.d. bulbs that we can point in different directions, & that's the best it's going to get without adding more light boxes throughout the room. we'd also like to install under-cabinet lights because it's hard to see when you're working at the counters.

- the lighting [natural] -- there is only really one small window in the kitchen, centered over the sink. if we add an island with extra cabinets, we want to take out the two cabinets to the left of the sink & punch through the exterior wall for more windows & daylight.

[taken back when we debated painting the cabinets turquoise]

- the cabinet finish -- we have high-quality wood cabinets, but the finish has been badly damaged by the previous owners [who lived there for one year...], so they're not in the best of shape. though some might deem it sinful to paint such wood, we plan to do it! we're thinking a cream color, possibly distressed, & keeping the same black hammered hardware.

obviously, several of these projects are in the distant future & will require a significant chunk of time & money to complete. but we like to keep these things in mind while doing any "just for now" improvements.

well, one of the needs-to-be-done-before-baby projects that we put on our list was the kitchen sink. we plan to bathe baby in it, but our sink & faucet aren't exactly conducive for that, as in they're gross.

[like i said, GROSS.]

so shaun did one of the things he does best -- searched craigslist. he found a used enameled cast iron sink for $75 [but of course he haggled for a lower price]. we bought it back in september, & he's been itching to get around to it ever since.

i woke up on saturday to find that he had spread out his workspace on the kitchen table, ready to get going.

he removed the old sink, which revealed the countertop situation...

that would be the same tiling method used in our bathrooms: 1-2 inches of concrete with stretched metal mesh embedded in it... let's just say replacing the countertops just sunk aLOT lower on the project list...

shaun spent every spare minute saturday, sunday, & monday working on the sink. before the final reveal, how about one last before shot?

annnnnnd, AFTER!

doesn't it make the whole area look instantly brighter & cleaner?! we love it. i didn't get a good shot looking down into it, but you can see that one side is much smaller than the other. the small side is also relatively shallow while the large side is extra deep. and now that we have a tall faucet, it will make cooking & bathing baby much easier! 

you may be wondering why the faucet isn't centered. shaun uses the sink the most of the two of us, being the resident dish-washer, so he wanted the sprayer to be on the right the way he's used to it. since the biggest reason for this upgrade was function & the appearance was going to be vastly better regardless, i told him he could install it however he wanted! 

so there you have it, everything including the kitchen sink!



Elaine said...

It looks fantastic!!

rachel mae said...

Maybe I shouldn't catch up on your blog at 2 a.m., but I'm laughing at "it will make cooking & bathing baby much easier!"

Please don't cook my niece, no matter how easy your sink makes it. :)

Oh man. I need to go to bed.