Sunday, November 17

baby's great at 28

we're officially 3rd trimester now! i went in for a check-up on wednesday, & baby's growing like a weed. last appointment, i was 2 days shy of 25 weeks, & roo was measuring at 26.5 weeks -- 12 days big. this time, i was 2 days shy of 28 weeks, & roo is now measuring at 30 weeks -- 16 days big. and ironically, i still haven't gained a pound! midwife said we may see a plateau in growth since roo has had such growth spurts lately, but i'm more convinced that it just takes after daddy, long & skinny.

we took 28 week baby bump pictures, but honestly, i don't look much bigger as in growing outward. my belly [aka baby] is stretching more long up & down rather than wide or poking out. but all is as it should be. we think roo is laying transverse right now [sideways] with feet on my left side, rump in the middle up towards my diaphragm, & head/hands on the right.

[side profile at 28 weeks]

forgive my hair -- i got ready in about 5 minutes, meaning bed head hair pulled back into a headband was as good as it was gonna get. 

[side profile at 28 weeks]

in hindsight, this dress isn't the most flattering or helpful for showing bump growth. when i got it, i thought it would be cool to wear the same thing each week/month for the pictures, but you don't really get a good look at baby unless i cup it with my hands. oh well. lesson learned. 

[front view at 28 weeks]

out of 4 pictures shaun took of me from the front, sadly it was the one with my eyes closed that came out the best [not the photographer's fault!].



sheesh. from the pictures, i look the same from month to month, but i promise we're getting bigger over here!

other updates on roo: baby had its first hiccups last week. at 5 in the morning. since then, roo gets hiccups about every other day. roo moves lots all day long, most of the time visibly. it's a ninja in training apparently. and it doesn't behave at all during church. also, i'm convinced our baby is bald because i have yet to experience any heartburn. i may at a later point in pregnancy when roo flips longways & starts pushing up more into my rib cage. some people say that heartburn = hair is an old wives' tale, but i've read that there's actually a hormonal link between the two. 

other updates about me: i passed my glucose test this week, so no gestational diabetes. pretty thankful about that. i'm finally at the painful hips & back stage, mainly when sleeping. shaun & i have talked about breaking out the air mattress for me! but for now, lots of pillows, daily stretching, & weekly yoga are keeping me sane & minimally sore. oh, & yoga is the best thing ever. why i waited till recently to try it, i can't figure out. i love it.

casa updates: shaun is buffing the marble countertop in the bathroom today, so hopefully he can seal it tomorrow & install the sink later this week or next weekend. we'll post when it's all finished. and we're finally getting started on the nursery! i'll post in the next day or two the few things we've done or gotten so far. 



Elaine said...

You look so good! glad you and roo are doing fine.

Elaine said...

sorry about the hiccups. they can be so annoying!!

danae said...

haha! true. but so far no more so than any kicks.