Saturday, November 30

baby's 1st gifts

we've already received a few gifts for baby roo & got one ourselves.

the very first gift for roo [or actually sorta for us but related to roo] was this cute picture frame from one of our teens, madi. we put one of roo's ultrasound pics in it, & it lives in our bedroom now.

another dear friend from church, beth, made this precious & suuuuuuuper soft baby blanket for baby roo.

 and i couldn't resist this adorable stuffed animal in honor of roo's nickname!

while at home in wilmington for thanksgiving, we received this awesome t-shirt that mom, dad, ness, & jeremy picked out this summer at the north carolina aquarium. i'm an otter [personality test thing], & they are my absolute favorite animal!

when we put up our registry for target & amazon, one item was purchased the next day. we knew it had to be a grandparent! mom was already wanting to get this zany zoo for us, & when she saw it on our registry, she made dad take her to target that same night! roo will love playing with it someday, but we love playing with it in the meantime.

roo is highly anticipated & deeply loved already by so many people. this child will be oh-so-blessed by the people in our lives.


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