Monday, November 11

baby registry update

thanks to my friend katy, our registries [at target &] have been significantly updated! turns out you can add items from other websites to your amazon registry. *mind blown* this means our crib & diapers are now on it, plus a whole lot of other items that i love from i'm pretty excited about it!

and because a blog post is best when it has pictures, here are a few of the added items:

[the crib we want]

[classic toys made of wood instead of plastic]

[diaper changing pad cover, handmade from]

seriously, if you haven't ever perused, go do it now. i love love love it. much of it is shops that sell handmade items. great quality & really unique stuff. it's been hard to find baby things that i like, but etsy has made it much easier! 


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Elaine said...

For some reason, my comment about loving the crib did not go through the crib you picked out and the block set!!