Wednesday, October 9

the living room just got swankier

we have been working on casa projects around the clock lately it seems. [and by "we" i mean shaun.] of course, the nursery is still completely untouched, but we do have a newly refinished buffet for the living room!

i apologize ahead of time for the grainy quality of all these pictures. shaun just snapped them with his iphone.

[buffet: BEFORE]

we found this beauty on craigslist & snagged it for $40. it's solid wood & has great lines, even if the surface is in terrible shape.

[closer angle]

of course, we knew before buying it that whatever we got for this spot would be painted. many people regard painting wood furniture as a cardinal sin. i'm not one of those. shaun is with really nice wood pieces that are still in good shape. but we usually buy items that aren't as nice as they seem & the paint classes them up or wood pieces that are in bad shape. paint doesn't harm the piece at all. for any future owners, the piece can always be stripped & refinished with stain. plus, we have so much wood in the casa with the floors & walls that i am adamant about having no wood tone furniture!

in the case of this buffet, it had already been painted an awful muddy brown anyways.

[silverware drawer]

[better view of the brown paint]

we already have a creamy white painted dining table, & i love the way it pops in the living room against the wood paneling & turquoise walls. i wanted the buffet to be neutral, so we decided to paint it the same color as the dining table [which we plan to repaint]. we picked a color as close as possible to the original dining table color. shaun sanded down the surfaces & coated the buffet with kilz primer first. then he transformed it into this:

[buffet: AFTER]

it doesn't even look like the same piece of furniture, does it?! i love how the creamy white highlights all the curves & lines of the piece.

[closer view]

the round knobs are from an old junky dresser set that shaun & i had in our bedroom back in raleigh. when we moved, we sold the dressers for $5 at a garage sale, but i loved the knobs so much that i removed them first. they're a brassy floral design that have been whitewashed. i've been waiting to find the perfect piece to add them to, & we finally found it!

[silverware drawer]

the handles for the 2 small drawers, i found at home depot. they were originally a brassy color, but i loved the soft organic design, so i whitewashed them myself at home to match the knobs.

[interior cabinet shot]

we love how it turned out! shaun said it classes up the living room so much that we have a whole new set of projects that need to get done in there! super swanky -- just the feel i'm going for in this room!

and because i can't resist, how about another before & after comparison?


[AFTER, all decorated for autumn]

well, the nursery may still be empty, but we can always use the buffet as a changing table if need be! just kidding...


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