Friday, October 11

nursery plans

i mentioned in the previous post that i have designated four colors for our hypothetical four kids -- red, yellow, blue, & green. and with those four colors, i've associated four different geographical nursery themes -- north american forest/desert [native american], african plains, antarctica's oceans, & south american rain forest. [yes, i'm a design nerd. or maybe just a nerd.] 

when we found out we were expecting baby roo, i couldn't resist immediately creating a pinterest board for nursery ideas. but in my world, to do that, i needed to choose a theme. i've always associated each nursery design with a specific gender [2 boys & 2 girls], but i decided that the 2 most gender-neutral themes were native america & african plains [red & yellow, respectively]. so, i finally just picked one.

baby roo is our "red" baby so we're going with native american forest/desert for the nursery theme. think earthy colors, leather, semi-precious stones, desert & woodland creatures, horses, teepees, arrows, dreamcatchers, etc. i think it works well for a boy or a girl & can be tweaked based on gender.

here's the setting:

[our former guest room]

this is the smallest of three bedrooms upstairs in the casa. it was a nursery for the previous owners, which explains the lavender walls. [no offense to those who love purple, but yuck.] it has been our guest room most of the time we've lived here, but we cleared it in may in anticipation of starting a family. the guest room is now relocated next-door in the long bedroom.

there are two windows on either side of the bed & a small closet [pictured above].

here are the colors:

my mom can't get over that we're going to paint the walls beige! the nursery is the last room in our house that hasn't been painted since we moved in back in 2009 [correction: we haven't painted the master room yet either], & i tend to choose colors like turquoise [in the living room], bright asparagus green [in the office], pale yellow [in the entry, halls, & basement], goldenrod [eventually in the master bedroom], & deep blue [in the guest room, pictures to come later]. i like bright & rich colors. i love the beautiful wood paneling in the casa, but sometimes i get sick of all the brown. and i generally hate beige. but in this case, with all the colors i want to use to accessorize the nursery, a rich cappuccino is the perfect backdrop.

for the walls, we're going with behr's sunset beige with farmhouse red accents:

[paint chip choices]

i want to paint the walls with the sunset beige & add an accent like the one above with the farmhouse red. instead of doing a whole wall stamped with the alternating vertical rows of arrows, i want to do three vertical rows in the middle of each wall. i might change my mind & stick to three rows on just one wall [between the two windows, behind the crib], but we'll see. 

if it's a boy, we'll accent the room more with yellow [& orange]. if it's a girl, we'll accent the room more with turquoise [& coral]. i unabashedly dislike pink, but i think coral is a nice earthy way to make the room more feminine. either way, all these colors & more will be present throughout the room. 

which brings us to accent pieces:

i already bought this great wool pillow. i love the simple pattern, the tan background, & all the bright colors. i love that it will work for a boy or girl. i've used this to help me pick out some of the other colors & items i want for the nursery. i'm not worried about exact matches, but i want everything to mesh together well. 

i'd love a rug to warm up & jazz up our wood floors [especially since the ones upstairs aren't in the best of shape]. this one is my inspiration -- something with a nice tribal pattern, although possibly more neutral or monotone. 

i have perhaps an unnatural obsession with cow skin. i have a genuine cow skin purse that i plan to repurpose into baby roo's diaper bag [!!!]. i'd love to have something cow skin in the nursery -- ottoman, rug, chair, etc. it just seems appropriate somehow, even though not super woodsy or native american.

for fabrics, i like the simplicity of the one used in the above picture for the changing pad. also, chevron & ikat patterns are fun, simple, & usually gender-neutral. 

and last but not least, all the little details:

[source unknown]

i am going to make a mobile for above the crib, & my inspiration comes from the triangle rows pictured above [reminiscent of the wall accent] & the more eclectic one pictured below. i have arrow heads, pottery pieces, feathers, & beads already from our travels & collections over the years.

i feel like the doily dreamcatcher is a little on the girly side, so i'm not sure if this will make an appearance if baby roo is a boy. but if we do include it, i hope to draft my mom to crochet the doily. 

as for art work, i have a whole bunch of pinned ideas on pinterest, but here are a few examples for you:


 i like these navajo-inspired watercolors, especially the colors.

 i love the little woodland animals like foxes & owls, plus the feathers. lots of texture & layers in this vignette. 

i like the way this nursery has an eclectic gallery of art on the walls. i'd like to have the same basic thing with art that reflects our tastes & may vary based on gender. we also have already purchased a used dresser to use as a changing table that we're going to paint farmhouse red. i'll post about it when shaun finishes it!

i have already bought one small item for roo's room:

[otter family]

how cute is this?! otters are my favorite animal, & they make an appearance in "pocahontas" so that's good enough for me! i found them at a local thrift store for $7, which i felt was a little pricey, but i knew i couldn't leave without them!

so, there ya go -- roo's room. assuming we ever get around to it!

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