Tuesday, October 8

i ran a "race"

my sister rachel talked me & another friend, katy, into registering for a race that was a fundraiser for the ywca & cancer research. she was actually willing to run it herself since it was only a 1k. i figured i could run that even at 5 months pregnant with no difficulty. especially since katy was planning to do it too & is 7-8 weeks more pregnant than i am. it wasn't until i signed up that i realized it was actually a 0.1k. that's right -- a POINT ONE KILOMETER "race"!

but it's for a good cause, & i was doing it with friends, so i decided to sign up & show up after all. shaun & i had been in illinois visiting family a couple days before the race, & we drove back into town the morning of the "race." i showed up in what i wore that morning -- jeans, t-shirt, & toms. i didn't even bother to change into my running shoes!

[katy, me, & rachel pre-race]

the ywca put on a great event & made good sport of the miniscule distance. they had "heats" group together at the starting line with signs that said "run," "walk," & "crawl"! we decided we could join the "run" group for such a short distance. we jogged more than half of it, rachel & i even sprinted the last little bit. katy timed us, & the "race" took us a total of 45 seconds. that's a new race pr [personal record] for me!

[look at us go!]

[we did it!]


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