Friday, October 11

gender-neutral baby clothes

since we're not yet revealing baby roo's gender, some people [& by some people, i mostly mean grandma connie & granny elaine] are wondering how they're going to buy clothes for it. so for fun i've compiled a few gender-neutral onesies that shaun & i both love. because onesies are awesome -- easy to change diapers, easy to change when they're soiled, go great under pants [or skirts, if that be the case] & jackets or are fine on their own.

our teenagers [some of whom are in college now] are coming over to the casa sometime in december for a tie dye party to make special & one-of-a-kind onesies [& burp cloths] for baby roo. super gender-neutral & super sentimental to this already-pseudo-mama.

so, i'm sure roo will not go unclothed, but in case you're looking for gift ideas or just want to ooo & aww over adorable baby clothes, here goes for your viewing pleasure:

this arrow print onesie is reminiscent of the native american nursery theme we're doing for baby roo. [i'll post a design board on our nursery plans & inspiration soon.]

this onesie & the next one are for the harry potter fans, which we are. "accio" is a summoning spell for those who aren't. love it!

i am a little o.c.d. if you didn't know, & i have planned since before shaun & i got married that we would have 4 children & they would be color-coded. [i'll pause while you have a hearty laugh at my expense.] anyways, since you can always find kid stuff in red, yellow, blue, & green, those are our 4 colors for future kiddos [should we have that many]. i dubbed baby roo our "red" baby from the time we knew we were pregnant. which is the reason for the native american nursery theme [more about that in a later post]. shaun & i are pretty big harry potter fans, & since there are 4 "houses" in the stories, each one with its own colors that happen to be basically red, yellow, blue, & green [gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw, & slytherin, respectively], baby roo is our gyffindor kid [red]. hopefully that explains why the above onesie is a must-have!

this one just makes us laugh!

since baby roo has several aunts, any of whom this could apply to, i love it! at camp this summer, bonnie, vanessa, & i tie dyed onesies together for baby roo, so i might add this to one or all of them with transfer paper.

i have no doubt we may receive john deere clothing for this kid. [i preemptively apologize, roo.] however, i'm not huge on brand clothing or character clothing [i.e. disney, elmo, etc.]. but this is a great nod to baby roo's farming family heritage, which i hope it learns to love alongside it's daddy & grandpa rick.

this one also just made us laugh. since we've so far brought home pretty darn cute babies [2 kittens & a puppy], we are confident that our streak will continue & we'll want to brag about our good work!

and just for kicks [pun intended], here are the cutest baby shoes on the face of the planet, which also happen to go with the nursery theme & are gender-neutral. i am obsessed with them. 


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