Wednesday, October 30

countdown: 100 days to go!

just wanted to have a moment on here to panic because baby roo is due in 100 days. ONE. HUNDRED. DAYS. yikes!

i don't even want to look in the nursery with that knowledge. it still has not changed one bit since we found out we were expecting... although, shaun did buy the paint last week. that's something.

another something is that we finally registered. for those interested, you can look us up at target & can shaun & i just say that we had noooo idea how much went into preparing for a baby! and we're not even registering for alot of the "must-haves" that people suggest! we are really committed to keeping things as simple as possible & not having alot of just stuff cluttering up the casa. so, if you look on our registry & see something superfluous that we don't need, please pass that along! and i will even solicit advice on what your "must-haves" for your kids were/are. because even if we don't register for it, buy it, or want it, it's nice to hear about others' experiences. who knows, after roo is born, we may decide a baby swing is imperative to our sanity! but for now, we're gonna nix it.

also, we have not registered for a few things that we will need. it's just that several things we want are not available through amazon or target, so we'll purchase them on our own or with any monetary gifts / Xmas money! examples of this are the crib we want & cloth diapers.

last rant: why is it that everything for babies has to be blue or pink? yuck. or in other bright crazy colors. like baby spoons. whatever happened to white? i just happen to prefer things that don't clash so much with my house. i know, i'm a control freak, & yes, i know baby roo will break me of soooo many of my issues! also, why is it that everything that is simpler looking & more classic in design is more expensive?! just examples of my frustrations, living in an unfair world, & oh, yeah, first world problems. rant over.

one hundred days. i need to go paint something.

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