Wednesday, October 23

6 months & all's well

6 months has seemed like this magical milestone that was always beyond reach, & now we've passed it! we had a prenatal appointment today. roo is healthy & has a strong heartbeat. roo is also going through a growth spurt. i can seriously feel my uterus stretching! each woman carries each pregnancy differently. we're now to the point that i can tell this kid is stretching long [as opposed to wide or sticking out really far]. roo hasn't reached my ribs yet, for which i'm thankful every day! but roo is kicking & moving like crazy, & i think we'll soon be able to see strong kicks from the outside.

side-by-side for comparison:


[zorra wanted in on the action]

other than that, all is well in the casteel casa. shaun's been working hard on the downstairs bathroom, & it's allllmost ready for a blog post! he also bought the paint for the nursery, so we'll be tackling that soon hopefully. and since we always have multiple projects going on at the same time, shaun also spent a few days cleaning out the office. everything is now in semi-categorized piles in the living room waiting for me to declutter, organize, & return it to its place in the office. we'll be sure to post updates.

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