Thursday, September 5

the weight rollercoaster

i gained 3 pounds this week!

you'll never know me to be excited about such news at any other time in my life. 

gaining weight for this pregnancy has been difficult for me. actually, i lost 15 pounds over the course of 8-10 before gaining this 3 pounds. i haven't been throwing up & i'm able to eat just fine. [actually, my problem is that if i don't eat regularly & i get hungry, then i throw up.] so why the weight loss?

i think it's mainly because i've cut out soda, & i eat healthier foods now. also, baby roo apparently doesn't have a sweet tooth [takes after shaun], so i rarely eat sweets. who knew eating healthy could make such a difference?! 

while it's been cool to lose some unwanted weight, you're not supposed to be trying to lose weight while pregnant, & our midwife said 4 weeks ago that i should be on the upswing soon. now you can understand my excitement about 3 pounds. now i just have to not lose it again. [i gained these 3 pounds 2 weeks ago & lost them the next week...] rollercoaster, i tell you!

good news is that regardless of my fluxuating size, baby roo is growing steadily. i finally broke down & bought maternity jeans last week because it's not comfortable to sit in my regular jeans for very long. 

heard the heartbeat again today. baby roo was moving alot, too. 

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