Thursday, September 5

getting the casa ready for roo

we've lived in the casa for over four years now, & it's really not ready for little ones. the primary example being that we store our knives in a block at toddler eye level. [we move them every time friends with kids come over!]

we're starting to think about the nursery of course, but there are so many other considerations to take into account as we prepare for baby roo. we started making a list of priority house projects, & we quickly realized one project needed our attention as quickly as possible.

we want to use cloth diapers. we have several friends who use them & rave about them. our sweet niece paige wears them, & we like them from the times we've babysat. one piece of equipment you need for cloth diapering is a sprayer attached to a toilet [to aid in the disposal of diaper contents]. we plan to install said sprayer in the main downstairs bathroom for convenience. however, since the casa is nearly 50 years old, & our bathrooms are entirely original, shaun is not confident that we'll be able to do any installation on our very old, rusty, wall-mounted toilets. we've been itching to replace all of them since we moved in anyways, especially since the master bathroom toilet doesn't even work.

back in january 2011, shaun began demolition on the master bathroom...

and it's pretty much looked the same since then! we've been distracted by other projects. but shaun used his labor day weekend to start hacking away again. he removed all the original rubble, & he has now torn out all the tile on the left side of the bathroom, in the shower, & of the wall between the shower & toilet. he also removed the old, cracked toilet.

[sitting on the roadside waiting for pick-up]

while we want to install the sprayer in the main bathroom downstairs, since this will require replacing the toilet, we decided to do a test run of toilet replacement in the master bathroom. our current toilets are wall-mounted, & while you can still purchase residential wall-mounted toilets, our plumber is not confident the current brackets will be compatible. shaun's leaning that way, too. so, we may have to install normal floor-mounted toilets which means ripping out tile, rerouting plumping, etc. a much bigger project than a simple switch-a-roo. which is why we're experimenting with the master bathroom first.

basically, we're starting to get ready for baby roo in a super circuitous manner. around the elbow to get to the thumb, praying we make it to the thumb before february!

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