Thursday, September 26

baby roo's photoshoot

we went in today for our 20 week appointment, & baby roo is growing at just the right rate, measuring at "22 weeks" & 14 ounces. even though i'm still not gaining anything.

[actually, the doc said i've lost a net of 12 pounds in the last 10-11 weeks, & i lost another pound since my last visit. fortunately, i'm alternating weeks of gaining & losing, never gaining two weeks in a row, but at least i seem to be oscillating within a 2-4 pound range, so we're going to call it "maintaining." we went to target tonight to exchange pregnancy jeans i got that were too big by the second wearing. i've dropped 3 jeans sizes since being pregnant -- best weight-loss program i've ever been on!]

we got to hear the heartbeat again, & we had our mid-way ultrasound. let me just say it was the coolest thing! not just getting to see roo on the screen but moving around. my favorite part was when the technician was trying to get roo to flip over for some better pictures to verify healthiness, & roo was being so stubborn -- finally, roo tried to flip the opposite way. instead of rolling over on its side, roo tried to do a summersault. we got to watch roo smush its head into its stomach trying to flip & its little legs just a-kicking for some leverage! current best description of roo: stubborn & wiggly. guess which parent it seems to take after?

the technician said roo was only semi-cooperative for the photoshoot. she did get all the major pictures she needed to assess healthy brain, heart, kidneys, etc. and we did finally get a quick profile & straight-on shot of sweet roo's face. the technician was also able to determine gender, but for now, that's our little secret!

we celebrated all the fun of this afternoon with mexican at our favorite local restaurant, buying a baby bathtub [aka enameled cast iron kitchen sink], grocery shopping, & perusing home depot for paint chips & clearance deals. now we're cozied up in the den with each our pint of favorite ice cream, about to watch some netflix. roo has no idea what kind of crazy family it's being born into. we really know how to live it up!

well, without further ado, here's what you really checked the blog for: pics of baby roo!

[roo's face on the right -- look for eyes, nose, & mouth]

[roo's face profile & distinguishable heart & spinal cord]


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rachel mae said...

Hello again, Baby Roo! My, how you've grown since you were the tiny little pea last time I got to see a picture of you! I. CAN'T. WAIT. to cuddle with your sweet little self and Paige can't wait until you're big enough to play with!