Wednesday, September 4

baby roo's first pictures

we knew when we went to greece it was not outside the realm of possibility that i might be pregnant. however, since it was the first of such possibilities, we didn't put too much thought into it. while there, we climbed mount olympus & went kayaking. 

[at the top of mount olympus]

[kayaking in the caldera of santorini]

however, by the time we returned to the states, we were pretty sure. we confirmed the presence of our little stowaway the first day we were back -- june 5th. 

[the incriminating evidence]

after we found out, i started experiencing significant symptoms that made us suspect it was an ectopic pregnancy. we had an ultrasound to confirm where the baby was implanted, & praise God roo was right were he/she was supposed to be!

[roo's first picture! @ 5 weeks]

however, since it was so early in the pregnancy, they couldn't find a heartbeat with the first ultrasound, & it's policy that when there's no discernable heartbeat, they do a second ultrasound a week later to confirm viability. so, back we went. this time shaun got to come, & we saw baby roo's heartbeat. plus, roo had more than doubled in size in one week! so cool to actually see that.

[roo @ 6 weeks]

since then, we've been back to hear the heartbeat at 14 weeks, & the heart is going strong. we go in again tomorrow for a check-up & heartbeat hearing, & our next [traditional] ultrasound is on september 26th. we can't wait to see baby roo again!

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