Friday, September 27

journaling about baby

per the recommendation of my dental hygeinist, i bought this journal to record the details of this pregnancy:

it's really thoughtfully written with various prompts each week. it helps me in my effort to be intentional & aware throughout this experience. 

examples from today's entry:

i'm buying this baby ____. [as many books as i can!]

baby, i'm not perfect. something i'm working on becoming better for you is ___. [following through!]

anyways, i mostly wanted to share this with you today because i thought you'd appreciate my little "helper" while i journaled this morning: 

what an adorable big [furry] sister!

Thursday, September 26

baby roo's photoshoot

we went in today for our 20 week appointment, & baby roo is growing at just the right rate, measuring at "22 weeks" & 14 ounces. even though i'm still not gaining anything.

[actually, the doc said i've lost a net of 12 pounds in the last 10-11 weeks, & i lost another pound since my last visit. fortunately, i'm alternating weeks of gaining & losing, never gaining two weeks in a row, but at least i seem to be oscillating within a 2-4 pound range, so we're going to call it "maintaining." we went to target tonight to exchange pregnancy jeans i got that were too big by the second wearing. i've dropped 3 jeans sizes since being pregnant -- best weight-loss program i've ever been on!]

we got to hear the heartbeat again, & we had our mid-way ultrasound. let me just say it was the coolest thing! not just getting to see roo on the screen but moving around. my favorite part was when the technician was trying to get roo to flip over for some better pictures to verify healthiness, & roo was being so stubborn -- finally, roo tried to flip the opposite way. instead of rolling over on its side, roo tried to do a summersault. we got to watch roo smush its head into its stomach trying to flip & its little legs just a-kicking for some leverage! current best description of roo: stubborn & wiggly. guess which parent it seems to take after?

the technician said roo was only semi-cooperative for the photoshoot. she did get all the major pictures she needed to assess healthy brain, heart, kidneys, etc. and we did finally get a quick profile & straight-on shot of sweet roo's face. the technician was also able to determine gender, but for now, that's our little secret!

we celebrated all the fun of this afternoon with mexican at our favorite local restaurant, buying a baby bathtub [aka enameled cast iron kitchen sink], grocery shopping, & perusing home depot for paint chips & clearance deals. now we're cozied up in the den with each our pint of favorite ice cream, about to watch some netflix. roo has no idea what kind of crazy family it's being born into. we really know how to live it up!

well, without further ado, here's what you really checked the blog for: pics of baby roo!

[roo's face on the right -- look for eyes, nose, & mouth]

[roo's face profile & distinguishable heart & spinal cord]


Thursday, September 19

baby roo is on the move!

i've been feeling the baby rumble around for awhile, although it was hard to distinguish from digestion! but we're now to the state of constant dancing & rolling around, & shaun can now feel the rumblings, too. baby also kicks occasionally & loves camping out on my bladder. so basically a normal pregnancy & relatively uneventful, which is a good thing! tomorrow makes 20 weeks, so we've made it half way. the big reveal [ultrasound] is next thursday, & we can't wait!

Thursday, September 5

the weight rollercoaster

i gained 3 pounds this week!

you'll never know me to be excited about such news at any other time in my life. 

gaining weight for this pregnancy has been difficult for me. actually, i lost 15 pounds over the course of 8-10 before gaining this 3 pounds. i haven't been throwing up & i'm able to eat just fine. [actually, my problem is that if i don't eat regularly & i get hungry, then i throw up.] so why the weight loss?

i think it's mainly because i've cut out soda, & i eat healthier foods now. also, baby roo apparently doesn't have a sweet tooth [takes after shaun], so i rarely eat sweets. who knew eating healthy could make such a difference?! 

while it's been cool to lose some unwanted weight, you're not supposed to be trying to lose weight while pregnant, & our midwife said 4 weeks ago that i should be on the upswing soon. now you can understand my excitement about 3 pounds. now i just have to not lose it again. [i gained these 3 pounds 2 weeks ago & lost them the next week...] rollercoaster, i tell you!

good news is that regardless of my fluxuating size, baby roo is growing steadily. i finally broke down & bought maternity jeans last week because it's not comfortable to sit in my regular jeans for very long. 

heard the heartbeat again today. baby roo was moving alot, too. 

getting the casa ready for roo

we've lived in the casa for over four years now, & it's really not ready for little ones. the primary example being that we store our knives in a block at toddler eye level. [we move them every time friends with kids come over!]

we're starting to think about the nursery of course, but there are so many other considerations to take into account as we prepare for baby roo. we started making a list of priority house projects, & we quickly realized one project needed our attention as quickly as possible.

we want to use cloth diapers. we have several friends who use them & rave about them. our sweet niece paige wears them, & we like them from the times we've babysat. one piece of equipment you need for cloth diapering is a sprayer attached to a toilet [to aid in the disposal of diaper contents]. we plan to install said sprayer in the main downstairs bathroom for convenience. however, since the casa is nearly 50 years old, & our bathrooms are entirely original, shaun is not confident that we'll be able to do any installation on our very old, rusty, wall-mounted toilets. we've been itching to replace all of them since we moved in anyways, especially since the master bathroom toilet doesn't even work.

back in january 2011, shaun began demolition on the master bathroom...

and it's pretty much looked the same since then! we've been distracted by other projects. but shaun used his labor day weekend to start hacking away again. he removed all the original rubble, & he has now torn out all the tile on the left side of the bathroom, in the shower, & of the wall between the shower & toilet. he also removed the old, cracked toilet.

[sitting on the roadside waiting for pick-up]

while we want to install the sprayer in the main bathroom downstairs, since this will require replacing the toilet, we decided to do a test run of toilet replacement in the master bathroom. our current toilets are wall-mounted, & while you can still purchase residential wall-mounted toilets, our plumber is not confident the current brackets will be compatible. shaun's leaning that way, too. so, we may have to install normal floor-mounted toilets which means ripping out tile, rerouting plumping, etc. a much bigger project than a simple switch-a-roo. which is why we're experimenting with the master bathroom first.

basically, we're starting to get ready for baby roo in a super circuitous manner. around the elbow to get to the thumb, praying we make it to the thumb before february!

Wednesday, September 4

baby roo's first pictures

we knew when we went to greece it was not outside the realm of possibility that i might be pregnant. however, since it was the first of such possibilities, we didn't put too much thought into it. while there, we climbed mount olympus & went kayaking. 

[at the top of mount olympus]

[kayaking in the caldera of santorini]

however, by the time we returned to the states, we were pretty sure. we confirmed the presence of our little stowaway the first day we were back -- june 5th. 

[the incriminating evidence]

after we found out, i started experiencing significant symptoms that made us suspect it was an ectopic pregnancy. we had an ultrasound to confirm where the baby was implanted, & praise God roo was right were he/she was supposed to be!

[roo's first picture! @ 5 weeks]

however, since it was so early in the pregnancy, they couldn't find a heartbeat with the first ultrasound, & it's policy that when there's no discernable heartbeat, they do a second ultrasound a week later to confirm viability. so, back we went. this time shaun got to come, & we saw baby roo's heartbeat. plus, roo had more than doubled in size in one week! so cool to actually see that.

[roo @ 6 weeks]

since then, we've been back to hear the heartbeat at 14 weeks, & the heart is going strong. we go in again tomorrow for a check-up & heartbeat hearing, & our next [traditional] ultrasound is on september 26th. we can't wait to see baby roo again!