Thursday, August 22

new focus

i'm back! for those who don't know our happy news yet, we're expecting our first human kiddo!

we already have three precious furry ones that we love to pieces, & we have dozens of adopted kids, mostly teenagers.

bella is our oldest -- 8 years old, 
caenya is our middle child -- 7 years old, 
& zorra is our youngest furry baby -- almost 5 years old.

but as we approached our 10-year anniversary, which we celebrated this past may [i know, crazy, right?!], we decided it was time to try the whole parenting thing for real. we're really committed to adopting, too, but since i'm already over 30, we decided we should try for the pregnancy thing first. 

so, we're officially 16 weeks, & baby casteel [aka "roo" according to baby's 3 aunts on my side] is due february 7th, 2014. this means LOTS of changes around the casteel casa. plus, family & friends are starting to request baby bump pictures & pregnancy details. so, we're resurrecting this blog & shifting focus to our growing family & changing lifestyle.

if you're interested, keep checking back here. i'll post baby bump pictures as soon as i find my card reader... and i'll probably blog about lots of trivial things like my symptoms [or lack thereof] & feeling baby move. and when baby arrives, we'll use this blog as the main way to broadcast news & photos. 

it feels good to be back!