Wednesday, January 11

top 10: reasons why i love pinterest

every summer, shaun & i work at a bible camp in north carolina [along with my sister, vanessa]. every day at dinner, our fearless assistant director, geoff sykes, reads an original top 10 list. over the years, these have become some of my favorite memories from camp. i've been inspired by the creative genius to create my own top 10s. mine aren't humorous like his, but hopefully they're fun!

today, i'd like to feature reasons why i love pinterest. there's alot of buzz about this thing called pinterest, & i'm among the addicted masses!

[ten] it's better than a pile of magazine clippings.

[recipes i've clipped over the years]

these are the most organized magazine clippings i have, & they're a mess! these are just my recipes to try. i have tons of other ripped-out pages scattered around the casa. it's one of my organizational projects for 2012 to wrangle all these clippings! pinterest is just like clipping things from magazines, except it's online, & it doesn't clutter up the casa.

[nine] it's safer than my hard drive. 
if you don't remember me whining about this back in september, my mac logic board died, & it had to be replaced. i lost so many files & photos that thinking about it again even now makes me nauseous...

among those files were carefully organized files of "ideas" -- a plethora of inspiration. while i guess it's possible pinterest could crash from all the traffic [kidding! don't panic!], it's become my mission to back up all my files out in cyberspace rather than keeping them on my computer. pinterest does this for me!

[eight] it's free, so it's a thrifty girl's dream!
magazines are expensive! it's not so bad if you have a yearly subscription, but newsstand prices are $5-plus a pop. shaun's the frugal one between the two of us, but i love to save money, too. [an extra $5 a month means an extra girlfriends' coffee date!] pinterest is free & has unlimited access, not to mention a wide array of subject matters. it's like having dozens of magazine subscriptions!

[seven] it's green & tree-friendly.
no printed magazines needed, no more clippings. because it's all online, it's saving trees. and since it also means less mess around the casa [see reason number ten], it's win-win!

[six] it's uber-organized.
i really like how i can create unlimited boards, labeled just how i like them. just this week, i split my recipes board into multiple boards based on type of food [appetizers, drinks, etc.]. i personally have 55 boards -- can you imagine how many 3-ring binders [or more realistically boxes of clippings] this saves me?!

[a snippet of my boards]

[five] it makes menu planning faster & easier.
one of my favorite things to peruse on pinterest is the foods. most "pins" are linked back to the original website containing a recipe. every month when i do my menu planning, i go through my food boards to get ideas of new dishes to make & bake. it's like having extra cookbooks or recipe magazines. just two nights ago, i made pomegranate-hazelnut salad, which i found via pinterest -- shaun & i both agreed it's a keeper!

[four] it's an easy way to keep track of the original source of your ideas.
in blog land, as in all of life, it's very important to give credit where credit is due. when i saved things on my computer, i didn't save the sources of all the pictures & ideas, so it would have been unfair for me to share them with others online. but with pinterest, i can always link back to the original person & even contact them for permission to use their ideas &/or pictures [also very important]. i love love love this aspect of pinterest.

[three] it has an atmosphere that fosters sharing ideas.
i love when many minds come together & share ideas, coming up with things far greater than any one person could alone. i think ideas are powerful, & they are meant to be shared for the benefit of others. pinterest does this in various ways: by the ability to "repin" others' pinned pictures, by being able to "pin" from any website or blog, by the comments, mentions, & likes. it makes me happy to see what my friends are inspired by. it's a happy little cyber community!

[two] it's totally addicting.
maybe i shouldn't love this part, but i can't help it -- i'm addicted! i am definitely among the many who spend entirely too much time on pinterest instead of getting things done... i love these running jokes:


and last but not least [except that the number one is mathematically less than all the previous numbers listed...] -- drumroll please!

[one] it's oozing with creativity, & i love being creative!
i love making things with my hands. whether it be designing & building furniture or baking cookies, knitting a scarf or painting a canvas, i love to make things. i think it's an innate quality in us that is an image of the Creator. in response to the above pinterest jokes & my desire to DO, one of my 2012 goals is to finish at least one pinterest project every week. this could be trying a new recipe, organizing something, or creating art. i just want to DO something with this wealth of ideas & possibilities! i'll showcase some of my pinterest projects throughout the year right here on the casteelcasa.

in the meantime, take some time to share ideas, gather ideas, & do something creative!


Anonymous said...

Love this, Danae! I heart Pinterest too, and second your top ten!

danae said...

thanks, elysa!