Wednesday, January 4

organizational projects for 2012

shaun & i have three main goals for the casa this year:



finish projects
[that are already started or that we have the supplies for]

in an effort to get this house in ship shape, i'm going to again attempt the 52 weeks of organizing initiated by laura at organizing junkie. she's not continuing this series in 2012, but it was great for me last year, so i'm doing it again. i fell off the wagon about the time we had our unique living situation & life got uber crazy. most of my projects this year are repeats from my hopes last year, so i apologize for any repetition to those who have been following a while. fortunately, this post will be the only repeat since all of my future posts will be about organizing things that didn't get done last year!

i'm going to trying posting every thursday a series called "organizED" with the idea of sharing with you what i got organized, but also showing HOW i did it, with generalized tips for anyone who needs a little more order in their lives. check back tomorrow for the first installment on organizing your luggage & travel items!

as with last year, i'll be exposing the good, the bad, & the ugly of the casa, so be warned & don't judge! ha! the projects are not in any particular order, & those listed in yellow are ones that will take more than one week to complete.

enjoy a peek into the reality of the casteel casa!

1. coat closet, again...

2. cleaning closet

3. kitchen junk drawers

4. office supplies

5. craft shelf

6. laundry room

7. main bathroom linen closet

8. upstairs linen closet

9. my vanity

10. bathroom medicine cabinets

11. living room cabinets

12. my recipes

13. office files

14. work area for shaun

15. work area for me

16. my clothing closet

17. our cars

18. the garage

19. gardening supplies

20. magazine cut-outs

21. casa info notebook

22. unpack all boxes

23. painting nook

24. gift wrapping supplies

25. technology accessories

26. printed photos & film

27. photo CDs & files

28. important documents

29. music CDs & files

30. the shop

31. emergency kit

32. ministry notebook

33. quiet time nook

34. my accessories closet [i know, i'm spoiled!]

35. luggage & travel items

36. my jewelry

37. storage room

38. coffeehouse shelf

39. kitchen cabinets

40. game closet

41. scrapbooking supplies

42. upstairs bathroom cabinets

43. downstairs bathroom cabinets

44. living room book shelves

45. my nightstand

46. xmas decorations

47. our finances

48. den entry

49. chores & routines notebook

50. menu planning

51. home center & mail

52. sorting papers

wish me luck, & i wish you the same! see you back here tomorrow!

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