Monday, January 16

menu plan monday v.2.3

as you can see below, we're eating out quite a bit this week. we have plans with business & friends, so it will be an easy week for me in the kitchen! we both had a hectic work week, so i didn't get around to making greek this weekend. i'm looking forward to it coming up on thursday.

as you can see, my january menu plan starts to get modified the longer the month goes on. but it's still extremely helpful to have the month planned so i don't have to spend much time planning each week!

monday - OUT for work
tuesday - OUT for work
wednesday - chicken & black bean quesadillas
thursday - chicken souvlaki with tzatziki & greek salad [made without the shrimp]
friday - OUT for date night
saturday - salmon, brussell sprouts, & sweet potatoes
sunday - @ life group

baking - baklava muffins

another great place to find lots of menus & recipes is over at the organizing junkie blog -- i like up there every week.


Tara V said...

I love chicken Souvlaki! Yum. I hope your week goes well.

danae said...

thanks for dropping by, tara! hope you get to enjoy yummy food this week, too!