Sunday, January 1

happy new year!

i've been really looking forward to 2012. the last year was full of many blessings, but it was a very challenging one, & we are quite honestly glad to see it go. not that all of the challenges disappear when the clock chimed twelve, but there is always such hope with new beginnings.

i love new beginnings. i'm a sucker for them. some of my favorite things in life are new beginnings. the look & feel & smell of a new, blank journal -- so full of possibilities for ideas & creativity yet to come. my favorite sound in the world is that of baptismal waters, when a person rises up out of the water to new life in Christ. new books, new recipes to try, new experiences, new friendships, new shoes(!), new goals, new hopes... don't get me wrong -- i certainly treasure old things, too. especially old furniture, old jewelry, old books, & old dear friendships. but today is a day for celebrating the new.

in this new year, my personal focus is going to be kindness -- the greek concept of phileo. loving people, friends, acquaintances, strangers, fellow christians, & even liking them! the practice of "one anothering": love one another, honor one another, live in harmony with one another, don't judge one another, accept one another, instruct one another, encourage one another, serve one another, bear with one another, submit to one another, be kind to one another... & so on.

i know this is a blog about our house & making it a home, but i believe there is no better way to make a home than by the way we live life. it goes beyond walls & furniture & paint colors. when we fill a place with love & respect, dignity & security, hope & laughter -- that is what makes a place home.

"and let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love & good deeds." 
-- hebrews 10:24

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