Sunday, January 8

happy birthday to zorra!

shaun & i have tons of kids, but none of them live with us, except three adorable furry ones! [the rest of our kids are usually already in their teens - or now college, *sniff* - & don't live with us!]

our youngest furry child is zorra. it's hard to believe she's three today! [actually, we're not 100% sure what her birthday is because she was born in the barn on shaun's family farm, but we know they had three brand-new puppies before we came to lafayette on january 12th for shaun's interview at purdue. the eighth sounds good to us!]

she was a rolly-polly wiggly-piggly when we first met her in april 2009...

[it was hard getting pictures of her on the ground b/c she never stopped moving!]

["mmm, dees guy tastes yummy!"]

["dees hair not too bad eedder"]

["on my way to new home!"]

it didn't take long for her to start stretching out & her ears to stand up, or for her to get used to a spoiled life...

[may 2009]

["my bawl ees de best ting eever!"]

["wellll, acshully, my daddy de best ting eever!"]

we shortly after moved to lafayette, where zorra loves the room to run [inside & outside!], & she's become even more spoiled...

[grainy from iphone, but look at that spoiled pup!]

[sleeping on the bed with seester boo-boo]

[loving the snow!]

we've never "celebrated" a pet birthday before, but this year, i thought it would be nice to do something special for zorra. so, i made peanut butter dog biscuits! i found the recipe via pinterest [where else?!], & they were super easy & quick to make. i didn't have a bone-shaped cookie cutter, so i used a squirrel for her special birthday biscuits & a fluted circle for the rest. ["squirrel!" in honor of the disney/pixar movie "up" -- a must see.]

[the birthday girl & her three squirrel cookies for being three years old!]

[a happy girl!]

yep, she's spoiled rotten! but she's seriously the best dog in the world, & the casa just wouldn't be the same without her! 

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