Saturday, January 14

goal setting: putting them into action

last week, i wrote about why i like to make goals instead of resolutions. but even a goal isn't very helpful if there isn't a plan of ACTION.

i thought it would be easiest to share with you my ideas on how to act on your goals by showing you how i broke down a few of my goals for the year.

these are three different goals i have for the year [out of 12]:

read 42 books.

paint every week!

run a marathon.

and here's the break down of each goal into actionable items:

read 42 books
[one] make a list of possible titles to read.
[two] each month, choose 4 books to read.
[three] place books in reading areas: side table next to couch in the den, nightstand in bedroom, desk at the office, my phone, etc.
[four] slate daily & weekly times to read.

i'll break down this goal more than the following ones so you can see that i have/do act on them.

my list of possible titles to read:

  • be rich - warren weirsbe
  • life together - dietrich bonhoeffer
  • sit, walk, stand - watchman nee
  • decision-making & the will of God - gary friesen
  • with Christ in the school of prayer - andrew murray
  •  the divine hours - phyllis tickle
  • the book of common prayer
  • celebration of discipline - richard foster
  • breaking dawn - stephanie meyer
  • the harry potter series - j.k. rowling
  • freedom of simplicity - richard foster
  • the secret of confession - paul o'sullivan
  • the hunger games series - suzanne collins
  • for all God's worth  - n.t. wright
  • 10 power principles for christian service - david & warren weirsbe
  • rediscovering lectio divina - thelma hall
  • God's chosen fast - arthur wallis
  • Jesus the One & Only - beth moore
  • soul feast - marjorie thompson
  • pride & prejudice - jane austen
  • home tonight - henri nouwen
  • the return of the prodigal son - henri nouwen
  • a tale of two sons - john macarthur

this is a good start. there are 31 titles on this list if you include all the books in a series. that leaves me "room" for professional development books that come my way & rereading other favorite fiction. several of these books i've read before, but many are new titles. then of course, there are books like pride & prejudice that i read every year! 

my january reads:
  • be rich
  • life together
  • a place to serve
  • breaking dawn

i've placed be rich & life together next to my couch in the den. a place to serve is a book i'm reading for work, so it's on my desk at the office. and breaking dawn occupies my nightstand. :)

last, but not least, i have reading time built into every day. i read one to two chapters of a good fiction book every night in bed before falling asleep [currently finishing up breaking dawn], & i read almost every day at work at least one chapter of a book regarding ministry. and i do a good deal of reading on most sunday afternoons, a time devoted to a monthly theme. this month, i'm focusing on the book of ephesians & the concept of "one-anothering" so the first two titles i aim to read in january await me in the den for my sunday reading time. 

every month, i just have to take the time to choose new books to read & place them strategically so that i actually read them. i set a reminder to do this on the first of every month via my iphone dayplanner app. easy peasy. at this pace, i could read 48 books this year, but a goal of 42 allows for occasional unmet aims! [although, my ultimate goal is to raise my number of books to read each year until i consistently read at least 52 books every single year!]

paint every week!
i've had the goal to "paint!" for several years now, but what i really want is to consistently indulge in this favorite pastime, so this year i upped the ante. 

[one] buy a new easel. 
[two] set up a painting nook in the office.
[three] plan possible project ideas. 
[four] buy canvases & stock up on paints.
[five] set aside weekly TIME.

my old cheapy easel got lost after being used at a friend's wedding. i've been wanting a new sturdier one anyways! so i bought a new one this weekend using xmas money. it can hold a canvas as tall as 48"!

the organizing junkie is planning to hold another whole room organizing challenge in february where you declutter, clean, & organize a whole room in the 29 days of the month. i am going to do the office. in the process, i'll set up a painting nook in a spot i've already designated for it. until then, i'm set up in the living room.

the first week in january, i painted three small canvases for my sister, vanessa, with states she's lived in: texas, virginia, & north carolina. i wish i had a picture to share with you. maybe i can get her to take & send me one... i hope to share my second week project with you on wednesday, so check back then!

last but not least, 

run a marathon.
[one] exercise & get in shape.
[two] complete the couch to 5k eight-week program.
[three] run a 5k in march/april.
[four] run a half marathon in june/july.
[five] run a marathon in october/november.

so far, i'm going to the gym 3-5 days a week doing circuit training & couch to 5k alternately. so far, so good!

if you stuck with me through all that reading with no pictures, bravo! next week, i'll share with you some tools i have found helpful in accomplishing goals. i hope the above ideas inspire you to make goals & make ACTION plans to accomplish them!


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