Friday, January 6

feature friday: the casa exterior

back to our weekly feature fridays! since i left everyone hanging about the final color of the casa in the house painting saga from over two months ago, it's time i show you what the current facade looks like.

but because i like a teaser, let's start with pics from back in the day! since my mac died, i don't have many of my own pictures, unless they're already posted on this blog. these pictures were taken by my momma when they visited in march 2010.

[southwest-ish view of the front]

[southeast view of the front]

[view of the back]

and now for the casa's current look:

[southwest-ish view of the front]

[the contrast of the doors, trim, & siding]

[the southeast view of the front]

[the side profile from down the hill]

doesn't she have beautiful lines? i love the east view with the gambrel roof [that's the fancy name for the roofs traditionally associated with barns]. i love the brick. i love the black shutters. i love the garage doors [which we had replaced in may 2010]. i love the cute front porch in front of the den. i love the iron storm doors. i love that this is home

i'm probably just biased because it is home to me, & don't get me wrong: i don't put too much stock in it. for one, we never know what the future holds -- a fire, a move, a loss? but more importantly, this world & all that's in it is not my true home. in the words of the old hymn: "i'm just a-passin' through!"

anyways, what do ya'll think?

well, it's certainly better than this:

[first paint color - october 2011]

[muuuuuuch better!]

but yep, it's still pretty orange... in certain lights, we really like it, but when the full southern sun hits it, it's alot to take in. i do love the trim color. it's behr's stealth jet, but i call it "riverbottom" because it reminds me of the muddy charcoal gray silt found in area rivers. it's not black, but it reads similarly, so it goes with the shutters & iron storm doors, yet it's not too stark of a contrast against the siding.

this will be the face of the casa for a few more months, but come spring, we're heading back to the drawing board [& the paint store] to find a better color for all times of day! we hate pouring out more money for this project, but in the end, it's the front of the casa, & we want it to look nice. we feel like we did everything possible to pick the right color this go around -- we picked out test colors [& more test colors] & lived with them for weeks; we viewed them at all times of day; we used color software to simulate options; we bought the best pick [so we thought]; we custom tinted the paint when it turned out too bright; we chose a trim color to help "mute" it... & we are pleased with all these steps, but we still aren't sold on the color.

sometimes, lessons are learned the hard way. after all, neither of us has ever painted the exterior of a house before. but it's all part & parcel of owning a house & making it feel like home.

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