Tuesday, January 10

clean routine: bite-sized pieces each day

i'm a "type-a personality"...  at least in part. i love organization with a passion! keeping organized, however, still proves an elusive challenge. one thing that helps me stay semi-organized is my weekly routine. it's adapted from the concepts written about by flylady. i've made my own schedule to fit my life. here's the basic run-down:
  • mondays: weekly chores
  • tuesdays: deep clean zone
  • wednesdays: desk day
  • thursdays: errands
  • fridays: date night
  • saturdays: plants & yard

when i follow this schedule, i'm able to keep my house cleaner, more organized, & keep my sanity in the process! on mondays, i spend 1.5 - 2 hours doing general straightening & maintenance cleaning. on tuesdays, i spend 1.5 - 2 hours doing a deep clean on one zone in my home. it takes me seven zones to get the whole casa. ideally, every room gets deep cleaned every seven weeks. my current zones are: 1] the den, 2] the kitchen, 3] the office, 4] the living room, hallways, entryway, & stairway, 5] bathrooms, 6] bedrooms, & 7] the basement. on wednesdays, i spend 1 hour paying bills, updating the ledger, responding to correspondence, filing paper, & general office organization. on thursdays, i run errands for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and on saturdays, i [sometimes...] water plants & work in the yard or garden, weather-pending. [okay, truth be told, usually shaun does all things plant-related...  our poor house plants get pretty neglected sometimes. but we all have areas that need improvement, right?] fridays, shaun & i aim to use as date night as many weeks in the year as we can. after all, everyone needs a day off to just enjoy life!

of all my day routines, i rarely skip thursdays as errand day. it's fun to get check things off as done. i come home with parcels to unpack. plus, what girl doesn't love spending money, even if it is just on groceries? i also usually take one thursday a month to swing by a favorite thrift store in town!

these routines have been fundamental to casa maintenance [& our sanity]. if you could use an injection of routine in your life, i hope you'll check back every tuesday as i share more about my clean routine. i'll be posting my weekly chores routine, my deep clean zones routines, desk routine, & more. these ideas are what work for me, but they can be modified to fit your needs, too!


Bo Tolbert said...
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Bo Tolbert said...

It really helps if you keep a schedule of things. It keeps things well-organized and systematic. At the very least, you only have to worry about one part before moving to the next, rather than think of everything at the same time. Anyway, it really feels nice to live in a house that is clean and free of dirt all of the time. Thanks for sharing!

Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply