Wednesday, December 21

header update

as we approach the new year, i thought the old blog header could use an update. i updated it this time last year, too. i really like the current format & colors, so i kept those the same. but the photo of the casa was taken april 2009, the day we saw it for the first time on our house buying trip.

[the casa april 2009]

it doesn't even show the whole house! and since spring was just barely dawning, the trees were still bare. i thought a more recent picture would be nice, one with the full face & some foliage. of course, we've done lots of updates on the front since then like painting the shutters & siding & trim. maybe that will be our updated photo for next year!

[the casa may 2011]

i probably won't blog much or at all until the new year, but i've been working hard on tons of projects & posts, making sure to document everything in photo, to share with you come january.

until then, enjoy your holidays, your families & friends, & your home!