Saturday, October 29

top 10 reasons to NOT blog...

i'm certainly not a model of consistent blogging, & i got to thinking about the various reasons why:

[ten] i'm not consistent about much of anything in my life! but i'm always striving to do better.

[nine] once i'm on a roll, & something interrupts that roll [like not having your computer while it's being repaired], it's hard to get going again.

[eight] receiving said computer back with all of your files gone [fried logic board], including all of your pictures you had for the blog [not to mention all your pictures for the last three years & a manuscript you've been working on even long than that...] is discouraging to say the least.

[seven] trying to figure out where to restart when doing so practically from scratch -- well, i'd rather be on pinterest! [i'm sometimes inclined to delete every post on this blog & literally start over!]

[six] i'm a girl with a plan, so i plan out my blog posts weeks in advance. it's nice because it motivates me to get things done with deadlines. but if i don't do well when i get off-schedule.

[five] pinterest is distracting & addicting!

[four] i start to wonder if anyone ever really reads this blog & so whether it's worth spending all the time to post. [then my sister & mother-in-law tell me how much they miss the blog, & i figure it's worth it even just for the two of them!]

[three] i'm sometimes uncertain about whether i want the focus of this blog to stay solely on the house & improvement projects, & decorating... i'm a bit of a perfectionist, & i like neatly categorized things, so making this blog anything else in addition to those posts bothers me because the name of the post is about the house. ridiculous, i know. but it keeps me stumped.

[two] life is about to get hectic again as i move into a new position at church, & we expect it will likely be more full-time hours. when am i going to get anything done?! much less have time to blog?! then i realize that many of you have busier lives than me & still do it. and that gives me hope.

[one] i can't think of any more reasons to NOT blog, so i think i'll get back to it! things to look forward to soon [hopefully!]: the newly painted house exterior, the master bedroom baseboards & paint choice, & who knows what else because right now i don't have a plan!

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