Monday, August 1

return to the blogging world!

i have missed blogging & all of ya'll so much the past few months!  i know i just fell off the face of the planet with no warning, but i promise you there was a good reason.

back in march, my bestest friend rachel & i decided to do something a little crazy. we've been working with a young woman [age 19] for the past year & a half or so. she's been through alot, & we've been trying to support & encourage her towards a healthier, more responsible, godly life. it's been an uphill battle for sure. there came a point when she was walking in the complete opposite direction of healthy, responsible, & God, so rachel & i had to exercise some tough love & let her go her way. after a couple months of hitting rock bottom, she contacted us & asked for help again. we decided the best way to help her was to live life together. she hasn't had the best childhood or upbringing to say the least, & no one has ever really shown her how to be an adult or a christian. we decided to move in all together. bless our sweet, amazing husbands for going along with it! on the day of my last post - march 21st - we all five moved in together under one roof. it was a temporary situation to be evaluated on a month-by-month basis until our sweet girl got back to a healthy place & could strike out on her own.  we lived together as the "castellettesons" - a conglomeration of all our last names - for two & a half months.  it is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my life. it turned our lives upside-down in every way. but you'll never hear me say it wasn't worth it.

the only reason i share that with you is because:

1. it explains my long absence - i had the ridiculous notion that i would keep blogging through that time. i had no idea what we were all in for or how much i would have to let go of my o.c.d. tendencies about my house! since those couple of months, we've been recuperating ourselves & our home. we're still no where near done!

2. during that time, i learned so much about what the word "home" really means. the tag line for this blog is "the daily adventures of making a house a home." i have a new perspective on that idea - new understanding of the word adventure, new definition of home. of course, i'm still danae, so that includes the decorating & organizing, & BOY have i missed that!!! but home now necessarily includes prayer, comfort, conversation, learning how to live life, affirmation, healthy choices, & relationship. i think those are things i already knew to an extent because i had a great family experience growing up, but my conscious awareness of it is heightened now.  i hope to incorporate some of this new perspective in my future blog posts.

i'm so glad to be back! i've missed blogging as an outlet & ya'll as a community of support & fun. i'm looking forward to sharing & growing with ya'll in the months to come!

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