Wednesday, August 3

painting the house

we haven't gotten as much done on the casa in the past few months as we would have liked, but we have accomplished a few things. well, i should say shaun has accomplished a few things!

part of our 2011 home budget includes funds for painting the exterior of our house. it's in need of a new protective coat, but it's also in dire need of a facelift.

in case you don't remember the original look of the house when we bought it:

[taken march 2010]

yuck! i mean who paints a house battleship gray with beige shutters?! [it's no wonder it was on the market for over a year before we bought it.] it did get better looking after we replaced the garage doors last year...

[taken may 2010]

still, it's definitely not what we want the first impression of our house to be. we've got grand plans for painting the whole house - siding, shutters, window mullions, trim, gutters - everything. but we're working in stages.

first up: shutters!

[taken june 2011]

i don't know about you, but to me this makes a massive difference! it looks so much sharper & somehow brighter. the black & brick really complement one another.

shaun didn't take pictures of the process, but it's easy enough to spell out.

[one] pull down shutters 

you will destroy the current pins holding them to the house.

[two] spray paint shutters

[three] rehang shutters with new plastic fasteners 

next phase: painting the window mullions.  we're going with simple, clean white.  it will tie in the white garage doors [i believe even white as a "non-color" always needs to be tied in if used!], & it will blend better with the silver frames on the storm windows & screens. shaun's been working his way around the house power washing the windows, & then he'll fix any chipped glazing before we'll paint.

until then: we're trying to choose a color for our siding. we want to paint the casa yellow, but it's a difficult balance. i refuse to live in a light yellow house [no real reason, it's just not my style], & we can't go too golden or it will seem like we're trying to paint our house purdue colors. [living in lafayette, next-door to purdue university, means we live in the land of black & gold.] 

we've never bought paint samples before - shocking truth, but in all these years, we've only had one oops paint choice! but this is a big enough project, we decided to play it safe. sooo glad we did! here are the first three options:

[taken july 2011]

[taken july 2011]

and yes, we did paint a giant paint chip on the side of our house! we figure the neighbors won't find it too tacky since it holds promise of covering up the awful battleship gray. the colors are harder to read in these pictures, but our verdict was that the top one is the only one of these three that we liked & we're not even sold on that one. we went back to the store for two more samples.

[taken august 2011]

[taken august 2011]

if you're wondering how i keep all the different samples straight so we know which one to buy later, i keep painting them on the house in alphabetical order! luckily, the top color [which is the same in both trials] came first in the alphabet both times. 

as you can see, we went with lighter yellows this time. again, it's harder to read the colors in pictures than in person, but the middle yellow is brighter & the bottom yellow has a tinge more orange like the top color, only lighter. 

anyone have a favorite? i'm still undecided.


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