Wednesday, August 10

our new mailbox

way back in the spring, our old mailbox post rotted through at the base, & we came home one day to find it laying on the ground. i guess it's time for a new mailbox!

we thought we might buy a new one, but we really like the sign that hangs above with our address on it. then, we thought we might just buy a new post to attach to the old mailbox & hanging sign. but turns out you can't buy posts already made that extend tall enough past the mailbox for us to attach our address sign. so, we decided to just build our own!

again, i don't have any pictures of the process... back in the spring, we weren't in blog-writing mode, & so we got out of the habit of documenting everything via camera. but the finished product is still worth blogging!

isn't it lovely?! shaun built the new post out of cedar, & i adore the color! of course, it will weather to a grayish-brown over time, but that's part of the charm.

when he picked up a load of mulch for the yard, he decided to fork some around the mailbox to cover the old post. turns out this is the third mailbox for the casa. the original had been planted in a concrete foundation [just to the right of the current mailbox], & the last one was a few feet to the left. shaun put the new one just between them.

we placed a few of our huge, plentiful rocks around the perimeter [we wanted to go all the way around, but since the circumference of the circle is so large, the rocks by the road would interfere with our postman delivering our mail], & we planted marigolds this year.

simple, yet beautiful. and just perfect for us & the casa!

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