Thursday, August 4

organized pet supplies

before we left for north carolina, i shared how i tried to improve each room in the casa just a little bit every day. one of the projects i tackled improved both the office & the kitchen. i wish i'd taken before pictures so you'd understand the chaos that was our pet supplies, but i'm sure it's not too hard to imagine!

[dog food on the kitchen side & cat food on the office side]

you can see here that our pets' eating areas are back-to-back to one another. funny story about this: when we first moved in, zorra was still a puppy. in our old house, the cat food was in the office closet, & zorra wasn't even allowed in the office [to give the cats one safe haven]. so, when we moved here, cat food was a novelty, a yummy novelty! and the cat food being stationed so near her own food was really too tempting. but zorra's a major people-pleaser & very easily trained. a simple "no ma'am" & she's usually good. so we'd done the "no ma'am" about the cat food twice, & it stopped being a problem. but then one day... i took her water bowl to the sink to refill it. when i put it back, i could see through the office door zorra's rear end, meaning she's facing the cat food. i said, "zorra!" in my excuse-me-but-not-too-authoritative tone, & she peeped around the door at me. then, i felt bad because i thought maybe she was just drinking some of their water since i had taken her bowl. next, she opens her mouth, & out falls a mouthful of cat food! she tucked tail & ran to her crate -- putting herself in time out! it was one of the funniest things i have ever seen!!! of course, i had to keep a straight face & officially tell her "no ma'am." eating cat food has never been a problem since!

anyways, back to organization!

[zorra's doggy center]

[zorra's cabinet]

this holds everything except her leash & travel bag [which has two containers for food & treats plus metal bowls that travel easier].

[dog food]

we transfer her food into this bin which seals pretty well. it holds 18 pounds perfectly. we use a 1 cup scoop to portion out her meals, & we use my old measuring set from when i was a bachelorette for all things pet-related. 

the left drawer holds all of her extra toys [we have multiples of her favorites], shaun's chore gloves which he wears to signify that she can play rough with her teeth, & special fillings for her kong, which we only give her when we're going to be gone for a long stretch of the day.

the right drawer holds her flea & heartworm medicines, her allergy medicines [only taken rarely], her nail clippers & file, & everything needed for good dental hygiene. we are definitely not that family that brushes their pets teeth every night, but we do try to be regular-ish about it...

[special treats]

on top of her cabinet, we keep her daily "treats" -- we give her a "vitamin" chew & a dental stick every morning [in the small jars]. and we keep her trick treats in the large jar. she doesn't get these very often now that she's so well-trained, but whenever we have her show off her tricks to people or we work on her commands, we always use these to reward her. 

she also gets a marrow bone treat every time we leave the house [she still gets in her crate for it, even though we don't shut her in there anymore!], & we're trying to break her of chewing up paper she finds on the coffeetable so we also always give her a marrow bone when we return if there is no torn-up paper. so far, it's been decently effective. [she never used to do this, but ever since our communal experiment, she's been really bad about it. we think it was her way of "acting out" to all the changes around the casa, & now it's a bad habit.] anyways, we keep the marrow bones in a jar near the garage door in the den.

as for the cats:

[the kitty cabinet -- in the office]

[the insides]

[cat food]

this is identical to the container we use for zorra's food except half the height. the lids are interchangeable. this also perfectly holds a large bag of cat food.


the drawer on the left holds their extra dishes [used for the rare occasions of canned food], extra treats, & extra mice [we have dozens of these & we dole them out slowly!].

the right drawer has their bath wipes [we only have to use them about once a year], their water additive to prevent tartar [both of them have serious tartar issues], any medicines [i just got their next year's supply of flea & heartworm medication, & i haven't put it in here yet], & items for dental hygiene. their clippers & brush are usually in here, too.

well, there you have it! it's much easier to take care of the furry children when everything is easy to find when it's needed. part of a home is taking good care of anyone/thing in your care.



Carol said...

Great organizing of the old pet supplies! Love the bins.

Gail said...

I have 4 cats and 1 dog - so I appreciate your tips to help organize and tidy up their supplies.

Anonymous said...

I use a cabinet in my dining room hutch, but I really like your treat containers.