Friday, August 12

organized home calendar

this is a project on my organizational projects 2011 list. yep, it's august, & i'm just now getting around to the home calendar...

shaun & i live decently busy lives for two people with no children. shaun's job has seasons of frequent traveling, & since i work with teens, i have lots of sports events & concerts to keep track of. keeping each other informed of what's going on & coming up can be a challenge sometimes. not to mention staying on top of everything casa-related!

so, we have a calendar system in the office. it's dry erase, which i love because it doesn't waste the paper of a traditional calendar. we've used this same calendar for several years now, & it's still as good as new. for easy viewing, all of our activities are color-coded -- i luv me some color-coded!

[our home calendar]

[scrabble tiles for month labels]

i love playing scrabble, & i love repurposing scrabble tiles as decor. i bought several extra scrabble games at garage sales just for the tiles! i used them as place cards for thanksgiving dinner last year, & as food labels for our game night coffeehouse in april [someday i'll have to blog about all the parties i throw here at the casa].

in the office, our color palette is the spring green of the walls, a pale turquoise, & black. we have mixed in brushed silver, the color & textures of burlap & brown kraft paper, & golden yellow. the scrabble tiles go great with the brown burlap & brown kraft paper that we use throughout [more pictures of the office updates to come soon].

 i'm not as consistent about keeping the calendar as up-to-date as i'd like. i just now put up august, & i erased june to do it! granted, we were gone for much of july, but still.

not keeping up with the calendar boils down to two issues:

[one] i forget to renew it each month. [solution] i added a reminder to the first of each month on my iphone dayplanner app, & i have it repeat every month.

[two] the office is such a mess that we rarely use the office in the way it's intended & therefore the calendar isn't as helpful as it could be in keeping us well-informed & organized. [solution] we need to get the rest of the office straight! one project at time, starting with the calendar. next step: filing all the papers on the desk into the file boxes! [i'll post about that next week.]

as flylady would say, baby steps!

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AlexisAnne said...

I also love me some color coding! I find that it works so well for me to keep family members and categories of things straight with little effor. Great job!