Monday, August 15

menu plan monday

it's not nearly as an exciting week food-wise around the casa. i'm working through a new book about eating healthfully called cinch!, & it's been interesting so far. i'm not sure i see eye-to-eye regarding everything in the book, but overall, it's really sound principles. so this week, most of my meals come out of the book's recipes. any that don't come out of the book, i'm modifying to fit the cinch! strategy. it's pretty easy really, & i've already noticed a difference in the way i feel.

i am looking forward to using fresh veggies from the garden to make meals this week, like the beautiful eggplant i need to pick for wednesday & zucchini for baking bread!

monday - spinach salad with raspberries, hard boiled egg, almonds, & balsamic vinaigrette
tuesday - tacos, chips & salsa [some of the teens are coming over for dinner!]
wednesday - eggplant subs 
thursday - ricotta penne primavera
friday - y.u.m. [yesterdays' uneaten meals]
saturday - shrimp creole
sunday - out [traveling]

baking - zucchini bread

i'm glad i recalled my goal to bake weekly because last week, i baked these beauties:

and yes, they were every bit as delicious as they look!

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