Monday, August 8

menu plan monday

i was looking back through older blog posts this year, & i had forgotten about my goal to bake weekly! i do love to bake, & i've been craving baked goods -- especially cupcakes -- lately. i've got lots of new recipes that i want to try to pick from for this week!

and don't forget to check out the recipes on my cooking blog!

[chickpea fritters & tzatziki]

monday - gazpacho, chickpea fritters, & tzatziki
tuesday - caesar salad spaghetti
wednesday - @ the state fair!
thursday - shrimp greek salad
friday - eggplant subs
saturday - girls' night out [bring chips & salsa, cupcakes -- see below]
sunday - y.u.m.

baking - cherry limeade cupcakes

[source & recipe: annie's eats]

y.u.m. = yesterdays' uneaten meals


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