Monday, August 1

menu plan monday

i fell off the wagon with alot of my routines during our castelletteson living experience, but menu planning was not one of them! for eight years, i've only had to worry about feeding myself & my husband. then overnight my household grew from 2 to 5! menu planning was a means of sanity & savings. also, since we were working with a girl who has rarely had a stable home environment, i learned how much a dependable meal lends towards one's understanding of home.

we've been out of town for the past couple of weeks, gone on our annual trek to north carolina for bible camp & to see family at the beach, so i've been out of menu planning routine for a few weeks & am getting back into the groove.

monday - baba ganoush-hummus pasta
tuesday - gazpacho, chickpea fritters, & tzatziki
wednesday - quesadillas
thursday - y.u.m.
friday - garden salad [literally from the garden]
saturday - @ dinner theatre
sunday - [rachel's going to owe me a dinner since she's going to lose our bet this week!]

y.u.m. = yesterdays' uneaten meals

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