Wednesday, August 17

landscaping the yard... a little

apparently, ms. jean, the woman who lived here the 40 years before that, had a gorgeous yard with shrubs around the house, hydrangeas, & flowers of every color. i love hearing our neighbors across the street describe it for me. but i've never had the benefit of seeing any of it because the people who owned the casa right before us stripped the yard of all landscaping. [if i could just get my hands on them...]

so, we started with a blank slate. with lots of rocks.

we do have the most amazing old trees! our next door neighbor wanted to buy our silver maple that is right next to his fence so he could chop it down. we politely declined. one neighbor across the street is less than fond of all our silver maples, too, because the helicopter seed pods blow into his yard in the fall, & he is meticulous about his grass! still, we're keeping the trees.

landscaping is one of those expensive, lifelong projects. we have to do it a little bit at a time. i thought i'd share with you what we've done so far. we've done the most so far this spring & summer.

[front flower bed -2010]

this is the one thing we accomplished last year - creating the flower bed between the two silver maples in the front & planting some sparse greenery. we love the new bed & now have a hard time imagining the yard without it.

this year, shaun planted more lilies in the front bed & some on the east side of the house [by the hill].

 [front flower bed - 2011]

we'd like to fill in with tulips & daffodils, too. we need some height variation, too, but i'm not sure what we'll do long-term in this bed. it's really hard to plant things in this area because these maples are notorious for shallow roots & huge ones at that!

[east wall of the house]

long-term we'd like to plant shrubs around the house,  but we haven't decided what kind yet. these lilies are here temporarily, & we're also not sure where they'll end up. but look at the gorgeous colors!


all of our lilies were free, either brought back from illinois or from local friends. can't beat that deal!

we did a few things in the back this year:


 shaun wanted to move the firepit back a little & make it smaller. it used to be so big, you had to sit with your feet in the circle to reach the fire for toasting marshmallows. that small twig in the foreground, the one with the blue ribbon tied to it, that's our cherry tree.

it's more than just a twig now. it's a twig with leaves!

[back yard - fire pit & baby trees]

that's the cherry tree on the far left. the one on the far right is an apricot tree. they've grown really well this year. we look forward to when they're tall enough to spread some shade over this area & make a nice picnic area next to the fire pit.

we also started our butterfly garden!

[butterfly garden]

we want to add more flowering plants to this corner, plus a japanese maple or other miniature tree. we plan to erect a swing & lay a stone path, too. that birdbath was made by my uncle, & will make it's way off to one side or the other of this corner garden.

immediately to the left, along our neighbor's beautiful fence, are our black raspberry plants. i am so excited about these! we took plugs from the bushes at shaun's parents' farm. one of my favorite things at the farm is picking black raspberries, so i can't wait until these start producing fruit. it will be a couple of years...

[black raspberry vines]

it's not much, but we're making progress at least. like i said, landscaping is an expensive, lifelong project!   

i'll leave you with one last picture. it's not something we planted, but it's my favorite tree in our whole yard:

[crab apple tree - taken in the spring]



Elaine said...

You are welcome to get some of my Japanese irises when you are here in September if you think they will survive. I have to dig them up this fall and divide them so I will have plenty. I have some other bulbs that need to be divided as well.

danae said...

don't you have a purple-y iris? we have been thinking irises would be nice!