Tuesday, August 2

improve each room

my house is a serious wreck. i have no clue where much of our stuff is due to nearly three months of three extra people living in the casa & putting things creatively away! i have gotten off track of nearly all my routines. being recently out of town for a couple weeks means suitcases are still only half unpacked, laundry needs doing, & the house is still in the messy state of pre-travel packing frenzy.

the few weeks before we traveled to north carolina, i had hoped to put the house back into some semblance of sanity. i had planned to do this by intensively focusing on one room per day. then i realized how unrealistic this was while i was also preparing for camp. so i came up with a new plan of attack. i decided to improve each room in one way each day.

simple things like clearing the hearth in the den, tossing old food from the fridge in the kitchen, organizing the pet items in the office, wiping down the counters in the bathroom, folding all the clothes in the bedroom, etc. sometimes it was just a five minute task, & other times it was a solid chore. i rarely got around to every single room every day, but these small efforts in each room made a big difference over the course of a couple of weeks, & i didn't feel the need to set aside several hours of each day to get something done.

i'm planning on instituting this practice again for the month of august in hopes of regaining a sense of organization & sanity around here!

for the next week, here is my list of small daily projects broken down by room:

remove all suitcases & travel items
clear off the coffee table
clear off the hearth
put crate & table back together

blanche & freeze green beans
clear out fridge
make room for garden produce in pantry
clear off kitchen table

hang up coats
clear off computer desk
update calendar

main bathroom
clear off counter
wipe down counter & toilet
restock toilet paper

living room
clear off dining table
move coffeehouse tables downstairs
lint roll the sitting chairs

sort laundry
fold clothes
put away clothes

our bedroom
take all laundry downstairs
take out trash
clear off my nightstand
clear off my vanity
clear off my dresser
[can you tell that i'm a clutter bug?!]

our bathroom
clear off counter
spray mildew in shower [gross!]
unpack toiletry bag
wipe down counter & toilet
restock toilet paper
wash towels

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