Saturday, August 6

garden series: our 2011 layout

with all the chaos at the casa this spring, we got a really, really late start on the garden. we share our garden with our best friends because their yard doesn't have the space to do a large garden, & ours is too big for just us. sharing the expense, labor, & harvest has been great!

since we were pretty late on the horn, i didn't take the time to plan a layout like i did last year, & so shaun just planted everything in rows [not my preferred method -- i like groupings]. the layout actually works better than i'd like to admit, & rows will be the way to go from now on...

[our 2011 garden]

 we had planned to build a fence around it this year to keep out the deer [they ate all of our tomato plants to the ground last year], but we never got around to it. i'll share our tips for dealing with deer & pests next week.

[planted all in a row]

here's what we planted by row, left to right:

- pumpkin [the vines on the outskirts]
- cucumbers [climbing up the first set of stakes]
- zucchini & squash [taking over the garden, as usual!]
- 2 rows of various tomatoes: romas, cherry, big boys, etc.
- jalapenos [there was supposed to be cilantro in this row, too, but the birds kept eating the seeds we planted!]
- eggplant
- green bell peppers & pepperoncinis
- 2 rows of green beans

many of these are crops we planted in the past, but we're trying pumpkin & green beans for the first time this year. and we're having much better luck with our eggplant & peppers this year than ever before!

we've already enjoyed some of the delicious homegrown produce & look forward to more. rachel & i are going to freeze beans & can tomatoes & pepperoncinis. it's my first attempt at canning, so i'm super excited! i'll post on that in the coming weeks, too.

until then, happy gardening!

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