Saturday, August 20

garden series: the bounty

we're having a great year for our garden! we lost most of our zucchini & cucumber plants to various pests [which you can read about in last week's post]. but overall, we're having several bumper crops -- especially eggplant, pepperoncini, & tomatoes.

i thought i would share some pictures of things we've harvested at various times.

[green beans]

 our first harvest of green beans yielded over 4 pounds! i'll do a post next week on how to freeze them properly.

[jalapenos, peppers, eggplant, & squash]

 we've harvested 6 eggplant so far, & there are more than that ripening outside! i have a couple of favorite eggplant recipes on the casteel cafe, & i've been researching new ones the past couple of days. but there are too many to eat right now before they go bad. so, i've experimented with freezing these as well & what they're good for once thawed. i'll share that next week, too.

[tomatoes from shaun's dad -- not sure of the variety]

we've had a few tomatoes so far. these we diced for taco night - yum! and i made my shrimp greek salad with some cherry tomatoes i harvested from the garden. we have a large crop of cherry tomatoes, romas, & big boys coming, & i'm going to have to can these suckers!

[cherry tomatoes]

[green beans, pepperoncinis, jalapenos]

our second crop of green beans, & i think we'll squeeze out one more harvest before the end of the season.

this is the first major harvest of pepperoncinis. i had already picked enough to practice refrigerator canning, but i'm going to need to for-real can these. i'll have another couple of harvests of pepperoncinis also this big. can we see lots of greek salad in our future?!

this is also the first major harvest of jalapenos. i picked a couple to make salsa for taco night, & they are potent! i don't want to can these because i prefer the fresher taste for salsa. i think i'm going to try freezing them & seeing how they do. here's hoping!
[last week] dealing with pests
[next week] canning & freezing


Margot said...

How large is your garden?

We are on our second year with our garden and had pretty dismal harvest so far. Except for jalapenos. I have a LOT of jalapenos. I'm curious to see how freezing them works out. We halved, seeded and froze a bunch of serrano peppers a few weeks back and that is going well so far. I generally throw them into a crock pot dish still frozen and let them spice it up.

Btw, I'm a new follower. I arrived via the 52 weeks of organizing linky on orgjunkie. I like your posts and look forward to more!

danae said...

margot, i'm so sorry i just now saw your comment! i have not been the most diligent blogger, & somehow i missed this. [i just fixed it so my email will receive comment notifications.]

anyways, welcome! i hope this coming new year, i'll be more consistent so you'll have something to follow!

to answer your question, it takes up the full length of the back of our house from the patio to the corner - about 20-25 feet, & the full width of the patio, about 15 feet. [i'm just guesstimating!]

so far, my experience with the frozen jalapenos has been great, although i have to remember to thaw them before i need to use them in soups! in salsa, i cut them into three pieces while still frozen & pop them into the food processor along with the other ingredients.

what else did you plant? did you have good weather this past summer? we've had ups & downs with gardening various crops, & my husband is in agriculture, so maybe i can help. hope to "talk" to you again!