Friday, August 5

feature friday: THE ENTRY

this is one of our least interesting spaces in the casa, which is unfortunate since you want the entry of your house to make a statement, but with so many projects on the list, this one falls pretty low on the priorities. still, there are a few details worth noticing & so many possibilities for the future.

welcome to the casa:

[the main front door -- not to be confused with the family front door :) ]

[upon entering]

we painted the entry & all the hallway spaces this pale yellow. i luv it. it's neutral but not neutral. we chose it to make a calmer transition between the turquoise walls in the living room & the asparagus green walls in the office, both of which are wide open to the entry. 

[looking to the right into the living room]

[looking to the left into the office]

[the main wall in the entryway]

this is the main opportunity in the entryway that i have to make a statement. but as you can see, it's currently drab & boring. except for my great sconce, of course!

i still have no idea what to do with this space. how do i arrange/decorate this wall with the sconce & doorbell box [which i want to do something to disguise or recover]?

i luv this bench -- shaun & i refinished it when we redid the kitchen table [they're from the same set]. but i know it doesn't belong here -- too much wood color & not complementary at all. so i'm thinking a table maybe or another bench that i can paint.

the winters here are awful [at least in this southern girl's opinion!], so having an entryway that accommodates wet coats, muddy boots, & girls' bags is a must. we have a nice coat closet, but my coats have already filled it up completely!

[see more pictures here]

so i need hooks for coats, & i think a bench would be ideal for bags on top & shoes underneath.

for the record, i am not a fan of the "please take your shoes off in our house" thing. i know some of you may require that, & that's fine for your home, & i'm not going to judge that. but i have to admit, it was a big adjustment for me to let that go because being raised in the south, hospitality is a major deal, & one of the cardinal rules is making sure people are comfortable in your home, & some people are just not comfortable taking their shoes off! but now that i live in the midwest, i better understand the dilemma, especially in the winter & rainy seasons, of all the mud & slush mixing with carpet... it's one of the reasons i'm so glad we have wood floors & no carpet [except that awful runner on the stairs]. we have only one area rug in the den, & i think i'm going to keep it that way. i can now understand why others require shoes off in their homes, but as for me, i'm never going to ask it of my guests. still, many people take them off no matter what, & i need to have a place for them to leave them. [ok, i'm done with my petty soap box now.]

 so, moving on... one thing i love is the doors that close off the entry:


especially since our main bathroom is so yuck, i like to hide it from people's first impression! this also helps route traffic into the living room rather than into the kitchen.

one thing i don't like is the runner on the stairs:

granted, part of the dislike comes from the hideous state of said runner! but i wouldn't like it even if it were in good shape. i'm convinced it's original to the house, as in 47 years old. yuck. the stairs need alot of work. the banister & newel post are really rickety & need to be replaced, & this runner needs to be pulled up which will mean sanding & refinishing the stairs. i want to refinish them in a dark stain, along with all the trim in the house. i think it will give some nice delineation between these features & the floors. i'd like to semi-match the walnut pegs you see in the floors. 

a few other views & details:

i luv the iron work on the front of the house. i'd like to make the sidelights go all the way to the floor to let in more light. 

i built this lamp in college as a part of a project on light. i won't go into all the fabulous details :) i luv this thing, & i want it to be part of our house somewhere. i'd like to make a real shade for it, maybe out of stained glass. but i'm not sure where in the house it belongs. for now, it lives right here.

well, there you have it -- entrance to the casteel casa!

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